Feeling like going back to high school and fighting demons?

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Feeling like going back to high school and fighting demons?

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Well, this is a high school girls RPG campaign with the Magical Girls option. Fight against demons, protect your town, go to school, find a boyfriend (or girlfriend), miss a date because you were fighting demons, miss class because you overslept (hey, fighting demons during the night is tiring), explain why you get bruises, cuts, and scars so often... Well, that's about it. Anyone up for it?

Game Description:

Hello! Is anyone interested in a game of High School Girls RPG (a French amateur tabletop game where you play as high school girls)?

You are just an ordinary American high school girl. You know the drill. Going to class. Finding a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). Stuff like that.

Well, I lied. You are heiresses of a legendary demon hunting warrior clan. You must fight back against demonic schemes. You aren't as ordinary as you first thought, and your power is awakening. But surely spending the night fighting demons is no excuse for dozing off in class, or for turning in a project two days late...

So, are you ready to defend the part of the world under your responsibility?

The system is pretty simple. It uses only a 10 sided die compared to a skill.

Also, I would like between 3 and 5 players. That's all.

So, if I were to do something like this....
Mariette Smith, age 16


Diseases are defined by their virulence, from 0 (harmless) to 10 (bacteriological weapon level deadly.). When a disease starts breaking out, characters need to make Fitness checks to avoid catching it ([Homebrew] magical girls get a +2 bonus to it [/homebrew]). They suffer from a penalty equal to the disease virulence to that roll. They can gain bonuses to their Fitness checks by being careful, which includes any actions to try to avoid catching the disease (up to and including wearing a gas mask and not removing it even for sustaining oneself (yes, it is possible to drink with a gas mask on. So if you're willing to only eat liquid food (like soup), it's possible.)). On a roll of a natural 1, the character is even immune to the disease.

When catching the disease, you lose as many health points as the disease virulence, and suffer that value as a penalty to all your checks, except those made for recovering.

Each day after the initial contagion, you make a fitness check ([Homebrew] magical girls get a +2 bonus to it [/homebrew]). You can gain bonuses if you get medicine or a trip to the hospital. If you succeed, you start getting better. [homebrew] You recover 1 hit point and cancel one point of penalties for each 12 hours period afterward [/homebrew] (non magical girl do the same, but for each 24 hours period), until you fully recover.

If you fail, you lose one more HP, and you will have to try again the next day.


[Homebrew] You have a number of stamina points equal to Fitness *2 [/homebrew] (non magical girl have only Fitness points)

If your girl gives all she has and makes a tremendous effort, she can increase her chances of succeeding at an action by 1 point (this include fighting and dodging). You must then roll 1D10: If you get a result under your current stamina point, you lose one stamina point and get a +1 bonus to your action. If you roll above your current stamina, you lose 2 stamina points, but still gain the +1 bonus.

If you get to 2 or less stamina points, you can doze off in class if you fail a Fitness check. [homebrew] Not having a full night of sleep (8 hours) gives you a -1 point penalty to your stamina score for the day per hour you missed. [/homebrew] For each hour of rest, you recover one stamina point, then you need to make a roll: if you roll under your current stamina points, you recover as many stamina points as your success margin. For every HP you lose in the critical wound range, you also lose one stamina point.

And last: Experience: You don't gain XP. Instead, you can increase your mastered skills and powers, master new skills and powers, and change your traits.

Increasing skills and powers: If you try to use a skill you have mastered, put an easily recognizable symbol near it. Normally, if you have 3 of them on the same skill at the end of a session, you can roll to try to increase that skill. Since the idea of a gampe session is a bit shaky when on a PBF format, if you have 3 symbols near a mastered skill, at midnight, France time, this roll will happened. If 1D10 rolls above that skill or power, it's value increases by 1. The three symbols on that skill are erased after the roll, whether the increase happened or not.

Mastering a new skill/power: After practicing it and finding a teacher, you must make an Intelligence check. Success means the penalty is reduced by one if different from 0, and the skill is considered mastered for the purpose of increasing it later. If you try to master a new power, you get it at a level equal to your success margin (min 1).

Last, you can add or remove traits after a while. Depending on your life experience, and intense emotions your magical girl experienced or created in others, you gain emotional experience points. You can spend 50 emotional experience points to add or remove a trait, if you can find a reasonable reason for it. People let go of their hurdles, or gain new ones all the time after all.

Mostly done, still have some of the fluff to polish up and flesh out.

I welcome any feedback on the sheet.

Well, we have 3 players already with characters (maybe make a few adjustments), so we could start if everyone is okay with that (after making last minutes adjustments if someone want to do some), or wait for people who have shown interest to get back or new players to come.

Alright, everyone, you can take up to 3 declinations of a power sphere per (Emotion/2) like it has been done, since spending 3 powers to do 3 very related things seems off. (example: Combat Prowess: Armored body (Fitness), Combat Prowess (Dext), Toughness (Fitness), or Water (rain, manipulating water, high pressure water).

Everyone is ready?

So, with my character and only having two powers to begin with (since my Emotions is 4) would that be three abilities within the sphere (Combat Prowess, Armored Body, and Toughness) AND another power, or am I giving up the two powers to get three related abilities? Or something else?
(Side note, if Combat Prowess is based off Dex, I will readjust my points.)

Last question: Do Traits and Profiles have in-game bonuses, or are they more keywords to explain your character in a nutshell?

So all that said, I think personally I'm ready to start anytime. (Y'know, pending answers/revision.) I'm good with whatever the group wants, whether it's to start now or to wait just a bit longer. Just let me know the plan.

You could get three variations from another sphere if you wanted to, in addition to the 3 self improvement variations. Or three more from the same sphere.

Some traits have in game bonuses/penalties (Fearless requires a Intelligence roll when you are clearly outmatched to even think of running away, lucky grants you a few rerolls...), some don't and are just RP (Tomboy...). Bonuses are usually minor.

Ok, I think I got it. Mostly, at any rate.

I just need to finish up my other info, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. I need to head to bed, I've got to be up early for work tomorrow.

any eta on when this game will be starting? When majunior finishes their sheet, hopefully?
I'm looking forward to this, it's an interesting premise for a game.

Well, MaJunior answered, you answered, we will be ready to start when I get the all clear from Reemos (I'll give some time to all of you for last minute adjustments or finishing touches if you need it though). Nice image BTW MaJunior. How about a name now? I'll send in a PM.


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