Changeling game?

Changeling game?

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to get involved in a game of Changeling: The Lost, if anyone else is interested in playing/STing, let me know.


Ok I just finished my german exams, which mean I am now free for some RPG. I did ask for a changeling the lost game a few weeks ago but had to withdraw due to said exam.

So here I am posting interest again. That makes two player interested, anyone looking to storytell this game ?

Cheers also

I would be interested, after my own German exams had a good chunk of stuff about German forklore, the Fae and Changelings would be alot of fun.

I would definitely be interested in playing myself. I have yet to participate in a WoD game and would love to get a chance to play in the system.

Well it's good that we have some interest at least! Hopefully we'll get an ST who's interested. If nobody comes forward in the next few days, I can put something together to run.

Would the players be willing to play a pre-made SAS adventure? The Fear-Maker's Promise.


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