Main Shopping square (Pre-game)

Iolana the Varisian"Definitively less room to stretch out than out on the road, I'll give you that. Then again, there is a bit of a rhythm to the streets; the crowds aren't as much an issue once you get used to moving in it. As far as open mindedness though, you could have done worse than here." the girl says with a smile before twirling around in a burst of colorful fabric and jangling noises. "Port towns have so many interesting people coming and going, it's hard for a place like that to be very closed minded, at least in the areas where trade holds sway like this market, or the taverns that cater to travelers. The nicer parts of town... well... how would you describe their take on outsiders Master Plowse?" she asks the young man.

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Shaking his head lightly as he replaces his hat on his head, Skeeve can't help but chuckle a little more at the bird's assessment. "Your friend sounds like he has good taste. And it's no trouble at all, Miss. Today seems to be a day for making acquaintance."

Adding on to Iolana's reply to Angharad, Skeeve adds, "To be fair, Miss Angharad, the marketplace is easily the most crowded part of the city. And we're pretty cosmopolitan here; even in the nicer parts of town, as long as you aren't in the habit of causing brawls or being unseemly, you're welcomed just as much as anyone else."

Pausing for a moment, he turns back to Iolana for a moment. "I'm sorry, Miss, I don't believe I caught your name?"

Iolana the Varisian"More of an associate really, his tastes were... interesting at any rate." the girl says with a shiver before snapping back to the conversation. "Ah, my apologies. Spend too much of the morning talking with birds and you'll wind up flighty all afternoon. I am Iolana. I'm from here, originally, but I've been traveling for the last few years." she says, punctuating her name with a curtsey.

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Skeeve matches Iolana's curtsy with another bow, the one his fencing instructor always told him to use 'when in doubt of another's station'. "The pleasure is mine, Miss Iolana, to be sure. But please, call me Skeeve." He can't help but chuckle at the woman's pun as he straightens, and with a somewhat significant glance at Pip (okay, maybe just a little peek at his perch), asks, "So, what particular branch of magic do you study?"

At hearing Wellin's confirmation, Misha follows him while staying linked with Mirela. There is a bit of difficulty getting through some of the crowd, but the precautions Wellin and Mirela have taken are enough to stop Misha from feeling nervous. It is with their help that finding the stand goes so quickly.

The owner of the portable shop, an older man whose hair is just beginning to gray, smiles at the sight of the four approaching him. "Misha! It's unusual to see you with anyone besides Cale."

"I'm actually looking for Cale. Has he been here recently?" From the phrasing of the storekeeper, it seems unlikely, but Misha asks anyway.

"Afraid not. The last time he showed up was when you two came by together." When Misha does not reply to this, the man says to the rest of the group, "It's good to see that you're accompanying him. Misha and Cale look out for each other, but I've always hoped the two of them would find some more friends." He pauses before adding, "Sorry, I should have asked sooner. Would any of you like to buy something?"

Iolana the Varisian"My gifts came naturally around when I was twelve or thirteen, and they've been growing well ever since." she says with a smirk after following his gaze. "I've never had a need to study, I just know what to do when certain situations come up. Still, I find it comforting to know the finer points of why what I do works; I just prefer experimenting with the actions and subjects themselves instead of reading about them in a book." With a wave of her hand, the small bird floats gently away from his resting place and closer to the man in the purple hat. "How about you Skeeve, do you experiment, or do you spend your time studying branches from books, or are your talents more of a physical variety?" she asks, tilting her head to one side.

Even as the small group searching for a missing friend approaches the baker, Wellin pays attention to the conversation taking place between the human favoring purple and the woman nearby though through the use of his ears more than his eyes. Soon enough he is nodding slowly to the baker's answers, Wellin considers things even as he speaks to the man, "Well thank you all the same and yes we would like to buy. Four of those little cakes, the red ones with white icing? Perfect!" Moments later one such cake is offered to Misha, Atesin and Mirela in turn, paid for with the man's own coppers and keeping one for himself of course. Further speech from him is delayed with a solid bite into that red cake, and he does not seem to realize one small bit of white frosting has managed to avoid being eaten and hides at one corner of Wellin's mouth.

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Skeeve can't help but give an entirely-unrefined little chortle at Iolana's double entendre. Although, in his defense, when Pip takes off to a new perch, his eyes track the bird for a few moments before settling back on Iolana's face.

Unaware that the conversation now has eavesdroppers (not that he'd care if he did), Skeeve replies with a grin, "Well, I do have a healthy enjoyment of experimentation and... hands-on work, to be sure, but when it comes to magic, I feel that one should never underestimate the power of a good book."

The plump young man in gray tunic and trousers walks into the square, carrying just a dagger for self-protection. His skin is very pale, almost gray, and he squints in the sunlight.

He passes by one stall, then another, looking at clothes on display. Anyone drawing near to him can see a crudely made badge on his tunic's right forearm. The badge shows a spiral: the symbol of Pharasma, goddess of birth and death.

For her part, Atesin has been quiet - partly because she keeps separating from the group, either to look at something, or is outright asking each and every vendor if they had seen Cale (and giving his description, of course!). She's vigilant and determined, it would seem.

Observant, she is not. She does not notice Skeeve's glance in her direction. Nor does she noticed the talking bird that had landed on his hat and then flew away. In fact, she very nearly doesn't notice a plump young man until she very nearly runs him over on her way back to the group of Misha, Mirela and Harsgault.

"Many pardons, Good Sir!" she offers cheerfully, reaching out to make certain the
George Prosper (yes, Radiant Song! That's you!)
Young Man doesn't fall over. Then Atesin tilts her head to the side, looks at the young man thoughtfully and asks, "Are you from this city? My new friends and I are looking for someone who seems to be lost. Might you think you could help?" she asks with her smile, even as she looks around, now her eyes focusing on Angharad and Skeeve. Watch out! You're next!

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