The Sport of War

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The Sport of War

The Sport of War - Forum
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Alright, so! Here's my setting/idea. It's a crapload of time in the future, 3402. Mankind has branched out into the universe and discovered 30-ish planets thusfar that can sustain life. During this process nations somewhat merged with mega-corporations in mentality and economic notions, discarding certain 'Civil Rights and Liberties' in order to progress as a people. This evolution of society formed the 5 Empires of Man. They maintain control over their empires much like Cold War America, a mix of propaganda, nationalism and distraction are used to keep people supporting their governing forces and ensuring a happy working society. The major distraction has become the Sport of War.

In an attempt to turn war from a disgusting, resource-wasting abomination into an efficient way of performing population control and resource acquisition, the mega-corp mindset came around with giving war a new image. Rather than gun-toting madmen storming your doorstep and blasting your friends and neighbors to pieces, battles have been placed in distant locations, the soldiers replaced with shiny war machines, and the overall numbers reduced. A series of productive board meetings ensured that there were rules set in place to ensure 'good clean fun' and production and release rights were distributed fairly across the various empires. In order to win the conflict, a team would have to disable 80% or more of the opposing team, claim and hold all strategic points, or disable the enemy deployment zone and prevent redeployment for three days. Victory would reward the successful Empire with ownership of the resources of the region for a
Three Months
fiscal quarter as well as the bragging rights and financial incentives that came along with being top dog.

The Sport of War gathered enough viewer ratings and public support to warrant large scale application and deployment. The battles became the focal point for the new age, the single point that humanity could point to and say "We are not savages!" proudly.

The mech pilots
Warriors have become the forefront of all celebrity status and the envy of every youth growing up in the Empires. However, they have all seen the horror of war that is kept behind the scenes and neatly edited away before being seen by the public eye. They know the filthy nature of these wars.

You are a Warrior, but you have chosen to cease your fight for fame and glory and fight for something much more important. You fight for those that can't, to end their suffering and bring them freedom.

You fight for the Unjudged.

TL;DR Version
You, the player, will be a pilot of a Mecha, fighting alongside The Unjudged - the Free World's Federation's freedom fighters - to end the tyranny of the five Empires of Man in a grand space opera that merges concepts from Gundam Wing with The Gladiator!


Setting details can be found Here.

Application details can be found Here.

Applications can be posted Here as well, under your own public thread in that folder.

I plan to keep this ad open until December 2nd.

Game Description:

War was messy business. Thousands of people die every battle, buildings are destroyed, lands polluted, stockpiles burned and fortunes lost. The bloodshed was horrifying in both scope and scale, the death tolls second only to the injured and missing. It took decades for the first stages of the recovery process to take root, and hundreds of years later, the ache still remained. Memorials to the fallen, ambiguity between nations, ingrained hatred between people for reasons left buried between blood and soil.

No more!

In this age of enlightenment, war has been turned into a clean, civilized sport rather than the barbaric slaughter it once was. In the sea of stars, our great Commandants direct their Mechanized Infantry in strategic competition to vie for planetary resources based on galactically agreed upon schedules. The battles follow distinct rules and death is kept at a clear minimum and limited only to those willing to die. No innocent lives lost in vain! No legions of unknown soldiers! War has become sport! War has become entertainment! War has become everything!

We bring you.. The Sport of War!

Brought to you by the Galactic Federation of Empirical Civility.


Unauthorized Broadcast
Unauthorized Broadcast
Unauthorized Broadc---


You have heard these advertisements as a child. You grew in a culture that believes that to fight means to puppet machines, following special rules to bring about good, clean entertainment. Progress is determined by the empire with the greatest champions. Politics ruled through sport, people guided by the media-circus of this 'good, clean war'. Civilized society believes itself to have risen above the muddied trenches and bloodied fields.

What fools they are.

You have seen the battles first hand through the cockpit of your massive war machine. You have brought low enemies in the name of victory. You have brought glory to your empire through these continental gladiatory bouts. You have seen the true cost of these battles and for your own reasons, you have grown sick of them.

I can see it in your eyes; the glimmer has dimmed, your spirit has been wounded. The soul living inside this fleshy shell screams against the acts it's forced to commit. You want out. You want people to know the truth. You want to end the hypocrisy and to bring the truth to the world.

You will have the chance.

If I am right about you, you will mark your barracks door with a smear of red. Then, when you are next brought to battle, your unit will be unleashed, and we will collect you. Together, we will turn their war games around, and reveal to the galaxy the truth behind war.

War is not clean. It is not controlled. It is not sport. War, is simply war, and they will know it by its true name soon enough.

"Betrayal is just another one of a woman's accessories. If I don't understand such a thing, I can't be a lover of women." - Lupin the Third

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The one detail I wish I could fix with this Ad is to put the Game Description before my advertisement... Oh well.

Looks like some awesome fun.

Question: How many power points do we have to build with. I saw the differnet PL caps fro the pilot and Mech, but no mention of how many actual power points for each, or if they are built from a single pool? Either way how many are we working with?

The pilot is made with 90 points and the mech with 150. They are each made with separate pools.

This is a large number, I'm aware, but I wanted to give players plenty to play with when it came to their mechs. Construction is a tad wonky, so be sure to check out the Application Limitations and Application Method threads. Also, keep an eye out for any House Rules I institute. Most of those will be common sense however.

Keramane - working on ap now for a scout-support mech. I may need some help statting things up, I haven't worked in MM for years.

I am in, just gimme 10 minutes to read the books....

Edit: just for the records....what kinda mechs would you prefere? Humanoid, Animal or anthropomorphic animal?

Keramane - For the empire of man. I am thinking of taking the AI concept to a whole new level and creating a "cyborg" concept that doesn't just pilot a mech, but interfaces with it directly. While he operates the mech it becomes a true extension of his body.

For him the breaking point was a visit to his birth home. While he has enjoyed the status/fame and money of being a warrior and has been able to bring his family out of poverty, he has done nothing for the people who used to live like him. He has pulled himself out of the dump and realizes that most will never have such an opportunity. He is not looking to share the wealth, but has come to believe that the current system does not allow the lowest ranks of the empire to reach higher levels of life.


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