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The Walking Dead - Season 3

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
I know that the phone thing would all be in his mind. I'm talking about the penchant the writers seem to have lately to have characters off-screen during moments where they should be dying so they can bring them back when they want to. Case in point: The prisoner who eventually let all the walkers in. His screaming, to me at least, when Rick locked him out of the prison told me he died. But the writers screwed that over by making him the guy who let all the walkers in
You want predictability? Or would you prefer a few surprises now and then?

I've seen people scream as if they're dying when they see a spider, it's wholly acceptable for a zombie to evoke the same terror.

Carl is a bit of a cold fish. Always has been in the comics and the show. He has to be hard enough to deal with the world around him. He believes himself a protector of the group like Rick and Glenn. He looked up to them the most in the comics. So in the show he doesn't think of himself as a child. But more along the lines of someone who protects the group as a whole.

Every time I see Andrea get all cozy with the governor, I want to gag.

But other than that, I think this season is going really well.

Originally Posted by Greyfeld View Post
Every time I see Andrea get all cozy with the governor, I want to gag.

But other than that, I think this season is going really well.
+1 for the bolded section. Mrs. Scarecrow and I both wanted to throw up watching those scenes. Barf.

I'm glad

All in all, good episode. And...

I happen to concur with the above post about the Guv and Andrea being gross. I don't feel that the acting is really great there either. The whole romance feels forced and not real. I think Andrea in the tv show just doesn't make sense. Her personality changes from season to season. Maybe they're going to spend each season on one of the 6 stages of grief of her. Or she is just bipolar and mentally retarded. We will never know. Hell I don't think the writer's know what to do with her.

MH, I concur. Andrea is...just odd, I guess is the best way to put it.

At the beginning of season 1 she is on a supply run with others in Atlanta, and we spot her holding a pistol while rummaging through a department store. She somehow survives an attack (the whole group was attacked), and later in the season she has to kill her own sister, which sends her spiraling into madness.

After this there's the whole thing with the CDC building, and she wants to stay put and die. When she is, for lack of a better way to put it, forcefully removed from the building, she whines incessantly about how it was her decision and they should have let her die. But when they are on the freeway and the horde comes through and one of them gets on the bus, instead of letting herself be killed she freaks out and kills a walker with a screwdriver?

Then she apparently forgets how to fight or use a gun, so she has Shane teach her how to kill walkers. At which point she sleeps with Shane, which makes no sense. I guess the thrill of the kill and adrenaline and all that, but at least it didn't seem forced.

So then the farm burns down and she gets cornered, one walker falls on her and she escapes. At this point, apparently, she becomes a bad-ass walker killing machine, because she meets Michonne at the end of season 2 and by the beginning of season 3 she's been able to survive the winter with a cold or the flu AND it's been implied that she's done the deed of taking out walkers.

So now in the most recent episode, she

There is no natural progression of her psyche here. I think MH is right - even the writers don't know what to do with her.

Possible Rick and Michonne romance, anyone?


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