The worlds largest dungeon!!!!!!

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The worlds largest dungeon!!!!!!

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Let us make this clear and simple This is a dungeon crawl, through the dead remains of the God of Macabre Entertainment, whose flesh has turned into a large dungeon, and blood and bones into the most dangerous things to have been known.

You, are a creation, a being known as a Pawn

You are the stolen soul by being of powers , be thay gods or strong ancient beings, you have been forced and crammed into a creation of their choice, you are mearly a toy to them , entertainment to pass on the long exssistance of being alive forever.

If you survive and win the game, you have the chance of becoming a demi-god. If you die, die.

These are the Links you will need
Setting Info
Rules and Character Creation Info
Your Creation

Things that you should note that are different from other games

You get a free +1 LA to choose something other than human and have some fun in variability.
We will be using Chess influenced battle calling., Look at rules for clarification.
You are going to die, but when?

Game Description:


Come all ! Come ONE!

The Dungeon of Mythical Needs of Unknown horrors, created by the God of Morbid Entertainment, having long been dead, the dungeon unattended to but by the few celestial beings keeping in check the Dead Gods Creations. You Brave, Maybe Dead, few. Will Come! Will Slay!

Well, who knows, you are the latest contestants at least trying to reap the dungeon for fame an glory, but you can handle that all right? all the monsters, and evil things? Right? I mean, you can really handle all that?

No...your life insurance does not cover acts of suicide.

Pm has been sent out and my advice and help has been given. Paladinred, you're going rogue with Beth the Bitch right?

Also the more I think about it, the more I feel like my super stupid heavy armored no swim ranks Paladin will just die horribly in a water hazard or trap hazard. So maybe I should make something else.

So we can't use templates right? No draconic elf or anything like that? Silverwolf what are you looking for in applications? Like what is your ideal party size and loadout? It says you're only accepting 1 member on the game profile so I don't know. Like are you looking for one rogue, one fighter, one bardb, one ranger, one sorcerer?

I think I might change my character to a Sorcerer. Still keep the Aasimar cause they get a charisma bonus which is good for a sorcerer! I think if I went that route it would be better to focus on a ranged based sorcerer. Then a melee one. What with my low hp and all.

My second choice is a Monk turned Sorcerer with the Astetic MAge feat. I have to look at the complete rogue book for the feat again. Hmmm. What do you folks think?

sorceror, and take all the good conjuration spells so you ignore silly SR, my friend did tha and we made enemy soup by trapping them in a sphere of water combined with repeated fire balls( Little know fact, spheres of water kill vampires very quickly)

Well I switched out my character. He wil be a very week Melee fighter at only +1 bonus until third level. But after 6th level the benefits will be known. I also plan on taking the alternate class feature for jumping out of Dungeonscape.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
I have to ask for some help from someone please. I know what I want to play, but I've become so dependent on Redblade to create a character that I don't know if I can create one from scratch by hand. Can someone with a little more knowledge than I PM me and help me with my character concept? I get the idea of point buy (although I'd rather roll stats), and I can do math. It's all the...details, and selecting stuff that is bogging me down, and I want to make sure I'm doing it right.
You are in fine hands there sir

Are the homebrewed flaws from the D&D wiki allowed?

First of all, I want to thank MadHatter for his help. I am about 90% complete with my character, and I'm pretty sure it's right.

Second...where does one find Traits and Flaws?

Character is complete. I decided not to take any traits or flaws as none of them made sense for the character.


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