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1001 things I'm not allowed to do.

745. If the Xbox does come with games and cables, or I purchase said units, I am not allowed to ignore all adventure props as I grind for Mass Effect Challenges.

746. I am not allowed to plot with my henchmen to steal the 15-foot statue of Pelor from the temple for my own stronghold's Grand Hall
747. I am not allowed to try and seduce the Emperor's daughter
748. I am not allowed to attempt to cast invisibility on the emperor's daughter's clothing.
749. I am not allowed to attempt to cast invisibility on ANYONE's clothing.
750. I am not allowed to cast darkness on a sleeping ally then wake him up by yelling and clanging two swords together to emulate combat

751. As of yet, I am not allowed to confront my potential half-sister about being her father(the king)'s potential bastard son. Atleast, not without fear of bringing the wrath of the royal guard down on the party.

752. I am not allowed to play a silent aristocrat in a politics heavy game.

753. No, I am not allowed to have my Knight use his Knight's Challenge ability and fluff it by him hitting the opponent in the face with a dead fish.
754. If I do, I do not get a bonus to Intimidate checks for telling him that he smells like fish.
755. I do not gain the Scent ability when I have used my Knight's Challenge on someone, even if they do smell like fish.
756. If a "Something smells fishy" joke ever comes across my lips, my Knight will be instantly killed horribly.
757. I am no longer allowed to play a Knight.
758. I am no longer allowed to mention fish in anything, ever.

760. My character is not accompanied by a blind deaf mute invisible ninja.
761. If my character claims to be accompanied by such a person, I cannot claim it grants a bonus on intimidate checks, even if the NPC believes me.

762. I am not allowed to build a highly magical campaign with a party of spellcasters and then fill the final dungeon with anti-magic fields.

763 I am not allowed to forbid tier 1 and 2 classes and then throw nothing but casters at the party.

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