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Hi I'm new to all of this.. -_-

Hi I'm new to all of this.. -_-

I use to play Paper and pencil rpg's like D&D 3 3.5.. also star wars. Call of cthulu, I'd love to get in on some of the action around here but i dont know where to start how to roll up a sheet or w/e on here. I also dont have any of my books anymore so if someone wants to have an experienced Role player just let me know. I can roll up anything with in minutes once i have the materials. My names James and i'm not shy of doing what needs to be done, or just putting a little action into play. If anyone could kindly help me that would be more then appreciated. Thanks.

You might have come across these already but if not:

D&D3.5 SRD
Pathfinder SRD

Dice roller help file
Character sheet help file

Dunno what w/e means, but I hope the links help, dice roller and character sheet are probably the things you'll want to know first off.

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