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Movies of 2012

Yes, it was the car!!! Shush, it's been a long week. :P

This is definitely one of those movies where I'll be picking up the blu ray just to pause during scenes and examine every detail.

Anyway, that's my only complaint, and it's a very minor one..

We went to see Wreck It Ralph for my son's birthday. So 11 sugar-fueled kids asked to sit still for 1.5 hours (that's right...I'm that guy). It was great though. I even thought the Paperman short at the beginning was very well done. I loved that they have the old-school pixalated graphics too.

They actually have a Fix It Felix Jr. for the iPod now and my 9-year old was all geeked to download it for his iPod. I told him, "Um, you are going to be bored to tears 'fixing' stuff in an hour." I think it didn't last 30 minutes before he was done with it. Yeah...sometimes dad is right.

I made it out to see Wreck It Ralph. It was fun. Not great but fun. I think the best animated movie of the year will be Rise of the Guardians. Now in the next week or so I need to get out and see Sky Fall.

Wreck It Ralph was great, I loved the entire thing. I also got a distinctly 'Toy Story' vibe from it too which combined with the nerding out I did over all the video game references really cemented the movie in my mind.

And yes. There were tears at the scene near the end when

I don't know if this counts or not. But they made the Halo Forward Onto Dawn a really good movie. You can watch it for free on xbox live. Anyways I am not a huge halo fan as I always though the aliens (Covenant in the series) were silly and stupid. But in the movie they did a huge job at making them appear very scary and utterly breathtaking to behold. The movie is not all action either, but an intense dramatic build up to an almost unreal survival horror situation in the end. IF anyone is a HAlo fan I would recommend watching it. If you're a Sci-Fi fan I would also recommend watching it.

This movie actually made me want to play Halo 4. I have never wanted to play a Halo game in my life, until now.

Omg are you guys talking about wreck it ralph! I really really hope something comes out of this movie. It doesn't have to be a sequel or even anything to do with ralph. I just want more people to use that idea to make something.

Mad also the hunters were actually scary instead of in game where you can easily outmaneuver them.

I did! I really liked it. None of the promo materials really interested me, but it definitely lived up to the concept, a version of The Avengers for the younger set. I love children's movies that don't talk down to kids, and this one did that fairly well, no doubt thanks to Guillermo Del Toro's influence.

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