Into the Winter and Old Night

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Into the Winter and Old Night

Upon a Foreboding Night Dark and Deep - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3


I'm looking for 2 more players for this adventure. It is based on story telling and not D&D mechanics, though there will be dice mechanics. 4 untested adventurers must travel north from their small kingdom, the only place they've only known, and go out into the land of fire and ice. Winter encroaches, but not a normal winter. The nights last even longer than a winter night should. Creatures are rumored to be prowling around that are only dim legends.

This game will feature a lot of private content and roleplaying. While we plan to move along as best we can, interactions will get a lot of attention.

If you're adaptable and a thinker, then please come take a look! Beware those that crave rules to sift through... abandon all hope here!

The three roles are Warrior, Wizard. What powers do each have? That's for them to know. Feel free to ask in game and see if they answer. How do powers advance? Through use. If you want to learn something: trial and error.

At least a couple posts a week is required. I'm looking more at 3 posts a week as my goal, but more is always better.

Game Description:


Using the Window system for RPG, with a heavy focus on storytelling.

This is a tale of four adventurers: Wizard, Warrior, Outlaw, and Priest. Brought together upon a quest they have been sworn to secrecy about. So little information is given, and while a small writ with the royal symbol is provided to each of them, the party must take it on faith that they do indeed represent the crown.

The group must travel north, into the snow and long nights to follow a trail long cold. The north is a place where only the fiercest tribes live. It is a well known tale of the demons and giants that inhabit the eternal winterlands.

To the Players:
A bit barren on information? Yep ;) This is a tale of adventure into the unknown. There are four characters available, and they have a vague, yet set background. The gender of the wizard, priest, and outlaw is up to the player. I'd prefer the warrior remain male for the story plot. The characters are relatively new, chosen because they are promising, but not well established. Especially, each is an archetype of their trade.

The warrior is a brawny man, brave and perhaps arrogant, though has never seen battle or even life outside of his guard duties.

The wizard is an apprentice to a wise old man, awoken suddenly in the night to find his bags packed and his wizardly mentor thrusting a hastily made staff into his hands, which still smells of green wood.

The outlaw is a young nimble man, good at reading people. Good, but not great, as he was woken from his jail cell by an officious looking man wearing a breastplate of the king's personal guards.

The priest is well intentioned youngling, gifted like all his brethren with the ability to call upon the benign forces that watch over Man. The priests serve as judges to the people.

I use the term "man" in the descriptions, but, again, you may choose "woman" in place as you please.

Each has some abilities that I'll reveal to the characters privately. The leveling system is amorphous. A level will be awarded at key points in the game, and new abilities/powers/bonuses will be awarded by the manner of your play. In short, how you play determines what you will receive. An Outlaw that uses a bow often will follow that path further. This will be combat heavy, and battle is about adaptability. Try to remain in character. Let's not have the gangly wizard try to swing a battle axe. Use the environment and each other to find ways to overcome. The combat will be easier at first as we all settle in, but don't come to expect it.

This is focused on story telling and adventure. I'll be pulling most of my material from literature, not D&D. If you run into a elf or what-have-you, it is not something from the standard RPG game. The unknown is the unknown. Try to experience the world, be versatile with what abilities you have, and listen for cues if the party bogs down.

It is a medieval setting. You four represent the archetypical characters, that you will develop as the game goes on. While we have a general post, there will be a lot of private content, for which you characters must interact (or choose not to). Remember your roles! The wizard relies on his mystique to avoid attack as much as he does real power. Keep your secrets from the world, else they may decide you weak. The priest needs to retain his good conscience to call upon his powers. The outlaw is a wanted man with connections and enemies throughout the kingdom. The warrior is an honorable soul (though perhaps harsh or demanding), driven to succeed at the quest, to attain glory and renown.

A guide will be given to you for the first leg of the journey. Your path will be an archetype of literature. There will be Wise Old Men (spiritual guides) on the road, Tricksters, trials, failures, renewals... a good old fashioned quest!

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I'd be interested in playing the Priest. Based on your description, it sounds like we don't really need to create characters for this, so what do you need from me?

In a cinematic and secretive game, I think I'd like to play an overly dashing outlaw. I'll work on getting a background together

EDIT: Or rather, an expansion in accordance with the vague yet set background.

I'm new to the Window system but I've read some of the rules and it seems brilliant, I'd like to take on the roll of the wizard apprentice. A spell-caster is probably my best bet for a new system.

If you have any openings, it would sound amazing to play one of these characters.. let me know if one is available. Thank you. Would love to play the saving grace priest :P

Ok, my established player has taken "Priestess".

Sorry to all those that had their eye on that one. With some consolation, it is not the healbot savior some people might imagine, or the armored cleric of D&D.

So let me know what position you are interested in, puh-leez. Wizard, Warrior, Outlaw.

Curses! I am still interested in either the Warrior or the Wizard.


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