Elder Scrolls Skyrim?

Elder Scrolls Skyrim?

I know this probably has been done or tried before. Before I gather interested players, I'm looking for a racial recommendation for this game. I want to use all the playable elder scroll races (No snow elves or dwarves). I also think I'll need a co DM as ive two sides (maybe three) and think that keeping the teams seperate would be a better idea (seperate IC threads.)

For starters, Heres how Im thinking the races will play out.

The Altmer would be played using Elf characters.

The Dunmer (Dark Elf) would be played by Tieflings

The Bosmer (wood elves) would be played by Half Elves

The Orsimer would be played by Orcs [The only one o this list that a given]

Khajiit would be played by Catfolk

Argonians would be played by Kobolds

Imperials would be played by Humans

Nords would be played by Oreads

Redguard (Currently unknown. Id say human or Oreads.) Only difference with redguards is they would get the Redguard bonuses, like Khajiit gaining darkvision.

So the query here is, does anyone have any suggestions/better races to fill in instead of the ones I listed? Guess the Co-DM advert can go here too so heres a story plan to help.

The story is set a month after the defeat of Alduin. The civil war has raged on and the Dragonborn is gone overseas. He has sided with neither faction in the civil war. Both sides have won and lost land but neither has claimed ownership of Whiterun. The story itself will start when the Moot (spelling) is called and all 9 Jarls, General Tullius, and a Thalmor representative will decide on a new High King.

The playable sides are the Stormcloaks and Imperial Legion. I'm toying with the idea of adding the Thalmor as playable as well (not definite yet, if theres interest we might). But in any case, the co DM would do the NPC's of one side and I would do the other (or both others if Thalmor are playable) We would likely do our own character sheets too, probably one for Tullius in the case of an imperial DM and Ulfric for the stormcloak DM.

The story part above is vague because its a work in prgoress. Id rather sign up a Co-DM and begin planning the plot with him/her instead of doing most of it and then having to change it. Some side notes; Ive no intention of allowing PC's to use Shouts. Also if a character is an Imperial, he cannot change sides. No spies. So if we get an Altmer on the Stormcloak side, hes a "Son/Daughter of Skyrim" and thats that. NPC spies might pop up on occasion but thats what sense motive is for.

Also the Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild/Companions and College of Winterhold. Those ingame plots will exist, but are not finished as of yet. So the Emperor is alive, Mercer Frey leads the thieves guild, The Orb of Magnus hasnt been found yet and the companions are still seeking fragments of that axe. We might allow PC's to be a part of those factions too, but thats something ill work on with my Co DM. The nine Jarls (so far) remain unchanged from the game start, so whoever is jarl when you visit Winterhold/Morthal/Riften will be Jarl when we begin. These Jarls will be named in the proper signup sheet of course.

So, racial suggestions and/or comments?

If done with D&D
Wood Elves - Wood Elves
Altmer - Sun Elves (Forgotten Realms)
Dunmer - Drow(altered a tad)
Orsimer - orcs or half-orcs, obviously
Khajiits - Catfolk or shifters
Argonians - not sure
Imperials - humans
Nords - not sure, maybe a type of human
Redguard - again not sure, maybe a type of human
Breton - Half-Elf

If Pathfinder
Altmer - Elf with the arcane focus racial trait (Advanced Race guide)
Dunmer - Elf with the darkvision racial trait (Advanced Race guide) or Drow
Wood Elf - Elf with the Woodcraft racial trait (Advanced Race guide)
Khajiit - Catfolk (Advanced Race Guide)
Orsimer - Either Orc or Half-Orc, most likely Half-orc
Argonian - Nagaji (Advanced Race guide)
Imperial - Human
Nord - Oread
Redguard - Human
Breton - Half-Elf

good stuff. knew there was a race (breton) I was missing. forgot to incorporate racial traits in this too. Cheers.

(side note. Im only familiar with Pathfinder)

Lizardfolk for Argonian. Kobolds get some big negatives.

Originally Posted by Dalara Shadowmist View Post
Lizardfolk for Argonian. Kobolds get some big negatives.
Lizardfolk's ECL is too high for first level, which is why I suggested the Nagaji in pathfinder.

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