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Want to make a sheet template?

Want to make a sheet template?

The following is information related to creating (coding, programming) a character sheet template for Myth-Weavers. After being reviewed by staff, we may add it to our existing sheet system to be used by yourself and others.

Start here!
Copy the html here http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheettemplates/v5/ and use it as a base.
OR you can experiment by using the 'Fork' button on this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/BkZm5/1/

Use these as examples!

Framework Docs

Sheet creation process
My process is usually to:
  • Look at several versions of the sheet. Identify sections/blocks, and what arrangement works just within those.
  • Using unstyled (beyond the default styling) html, code out each of the blocks, with no attention to the wider layout. Just get it on the page
  • Using the grid system, start adding size styling to the elements
  • Now you know how many larger sections you need to fit on the pages, and their general shape and size
  • Figure out what needs to be above the fold on all pages, and start fitting that in. AVOID fine tuning spacing and sizes for now
  • Lay out the rest of the page. I often will cut out what I'm not working on and keep it in another document as a sort of scratch space

At this point, I recommend getting in contact with me - BEFORE you've started really fine-tuning things.

And finally, a warning
Making sheets can be hard. Making sheets can take hours. Lots of them. Making everything fit in a sensical manner, let alone making it visually appealing, takes a lot of time, planning, and mistakes, and perseverance. Adding in autocalculation is a whole other bag of chips (that should really wait until after the sheet is totally laid out and done).

Sometimes something's not workable, or needs an entire rewrite. Get invested, but not attached, to your work. If you're struggling with just the basics, or using a CSS framework, maybe it's just not for you.

Good luck!
I'll answer general questions here for a time but sheet-specific questions and requests for feedback should be directed at me with your work in progress.

I apologize but I really don't have the time to teach someone else HTML or CSS or Bootstrap or good practices, and I will tell you so if I get a question that falls under those domains. A lot of people have wanted the resources to give it a shot, so here they are.

If you just want to add a sheet to the list of requests...
Edit this section of the wiki with the name of the system and one or more links to example sheets:

Oh! This is awesome! It may be above my head actually, by the sounds of it, but I'll definitely give it a look at least.

Where do I go again if I want to suggest a sheet?
I saw that a while ago and I remembered one I wanted to suggest.

There's another thread for sheet suggestions.

To anyone thinking about making one, by the way, I didn't find it terribly difficult to make the 3:16 sheet. It's a fairly simple sheet, of course, and Rodrigo helped a good bit with advise on styling to keep things consistent with the other sheets, but layout was a relatively breeze.

You do need to know html/css though. The bootstrap framework isn't hard to learn.

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