Encounter History

Intro Adventure

Summary: Garonn spotted a pressure plate in the floor. Ethanius disabled it.

XP 50
no treasure

Found hall of impaled mummified heads and an ancient warrior.

XP 0

270 gp - Onyx earring

Rane was jumped by two hunting spiders.

XP 50
no treasure

The group was attacked by four large rats. Some useful items were found in ancient bundles.

XP 67

4 Alchemist fires
4 Thunderstones
2 Tanglefoot bags
50' silk rope
2 Acid flasks
10 Tindertwigs
1 Small steel mirror
1 Cleric vestment

The group discovered an ancient crypt occupied by an undead UrFlan hero.

XP 100

MW Breastplate
MW Scythe
Velvetine Death Shroud (140 gp)

Sunless Citadel - First Expedition

The group was attacked by a pack of dire rats on a subterranean ledge.

XP 50
no treasure

Ethanius found a pit with a rat in it.

XP 67

4 GP
23 SP

The group found a secret room with 3 undead skeleton archers.

XP 50 (Ashton 60)

22 GP
44 SP

3 ancient arrows

The group found a kobold named Meepo who guided them past three other kobold guards.

XP 47 (Ashton 10)
no treasure

Meepo introduced the group to Yusdrayl, the kobold leader. They agreed to help rescue the kobold tribe's dragon from the goblins in exchange for a key.

XP 270
no treasure

The party found a goblin guard post. Maxil intimidated the guards while Markis set them to sleep.

XP 40

21 GP
8 bags of caltrops

The group surprised a second goblin outpost. Markis and Garonn overwhelmed them while the others provided covering fire.

XP 80

60 SP
a single key

The group found 3 rats nesting in a hall.

XP 50

33 SP
20 GP
Shard's holy symbol

The group found the nest of the mother rat. She and two of her sons were feasting on the remains of a dead adventurer.

Rane and Maxil - 80 + 125
Markis - 80 + 100
Mircea and Shard - 80 + 500

Rane and Maxil reach second level

300 SP
68 GP
3 gems worth 10 GP each

The dead adventurer carried:
  • 5 daggers
  • composite longbow
  • waterskin (dry)
  • bedroll
  • flint and steel
  • 3 torches
  • quiver with 10 arrows
  • potion of cure light wounds
  • pouch with 17 gp
  • Karakas' gold signet ring (10 GP)

While checking a hall, Rane fell into a pit alerting some goblins nearby. The others killed the goblins while Rane climbed out of the pit, but not before Meepo was gravely injured.

XP: 100 each

29 SP
2 GP

The group was ambushed by Calcryx the white wyrmling. Calcryx killed Meepo but the rest of the group slew the dragon before he could act again.

XP: 120 each

Jade dragon figurine (25 gp)
Crystal goblet (5 gp)
silverware set (24 gp)

Special Items:
Flower petal: Sunflower of Pelor and Sun Disk of Pelor - Both from Complete Champion
Gold sun-face disk:

Return to Oakhurst

The group returned Calcryx and Meepo's body to the kobolds. They received a reward and returned to Oakhurst to sell their treasure and restock equipment.

Iron key from dragon altar

Sunless Citadel - Second Expedition

The party returned to raid the goblins again intent on pressing further into their lair to learn the fate of the missing Hucrele's. They found the second crenelated wall manned by a group of 4 goblin guards who were dispatched quickly.

XP: 80 each

600 sp
4 antitoxins (50 gp each)

The group pressed on into a haze filled hall where they were ambushed by a large band of goblins and hobgoblins. Mircea was nearly killed but Markis' magic saved the day.

XP: 310 each

Shard, Burin, and Mircea reach second level

180 gp

The group heard a hobgoblin giving orders behind a door. Markis enlarged Burin and they went busting in to a throne room with a large hole in the floor. A vine grows up through the hole. They defeated the hobgoblin commander, his cleric, and his troops in the room.

XP: 280 each

112 gp
MW longsword (for Mircea)
MW shortbow + 20 arrows (331 gp)
studded leather (25 gp)
light wood shield (3 gp)
Hucrele signet ring (10 gp or reward)

231 gp
2 onyx gems (30 gp each)
2 antitoxins (50 gp each)
scroll Knock - 150 gp
potion Cats Grace - 300 gp
feathered token: Safewing Emblem - 250 gp - Races of the Wild

The group found the goblin lair. There was a large trash pile where Shard discovered several valuable items:

XP: none

2 small jade statues (30 gp each)
3 silver rings set with moonstones (20 gp each)
a usable medium chain shirt (50 gp)

After convincing the goblin tribe to evacuate, the group returned to the kobold layer. Yusdrayl was pleased and allowed them to stay. They bought several items from the kobold leader:

XP: none

scroll - Spider Climb (-25 gp)
scroll - Mage Armor (-25 gp)
scroll - divine-faerie fire (-25 gp)
3 doses of antitoxin (-25 gp total)

The group climbed down a large vine to a chamber far below where they encountered more twig blights and some skeletons. Burin slew the twig creatures while Shard drove the skeletons off.

XP: 80 each

Treasure: none


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