History of The Order

History of The Order

Little is known about this secretive group, beyond the fact that they despise the Gods and all who follow them.
Perhaps as more is revealed, The Order's motivations might be more clearly discerned...

As introduced by Ara:

Our organization is in an uncomfortable situation. In recent years our strength was far greater than it is now, and our influence stretched across the Realms. Unfortunately, some of our more powerful members have been swayed by the dark Gods, and have left our Order for the pursuit of temptation and divine power. Licocious, our most powerful sorceror, turned to the embrace of Bane, while his companion Insoba put her might behind Mask. Many of our warriors have also been swayed thus, and their new loyalties are as varied as they themselves," Ara adds, looking wistfully to the West.

"But that is not all...no, we are now hunted by the very Gods we oppose. While in past ages we had been able to hold off most of their attempts to quiet us, this recent sapping of strength has reduced us to hiding in the shadows like rats. Our headquarters is constantly shifting, and it took a great deal of persuasion on my part to convince the Council to even call out for more recruits. In fact, this is our very first such endeavor, for we are used to prospectives coming to us, and to turning away most everyone that arrived thusly."

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