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Daemothraxes, the Great Wyrm

Daemothraxes, the Great Wyrm


The Great Wyrm, The Platinum Dragon, Born of Four Moons, Warden of the Realm, The Unquenched Flame

My application is complete, and spit-polished to a superlative silver shine.

I may have also, an addiction to alliteration.

...wow. Even if this whole deal wasn't yours to begin with, you'd still be a shoo-in.

Just to clarify, what exactly is your top Speed Rank? At your full size with your movement array fully directed to it.

Thanks! Does that mean you love it?

1. Growth adds +1 speed per 8 ranks so at his normal size add +2.
2. Athletics auto-adds +1 to speed (included in the figures below).
3. His array can also call upon the powers of Earth and Air to empower his velocity (listed separately).
4. Add one rank for double-move for final top speed (not listed).

Running - Rank 8 (500 mph)
Running with Titanic Tail - Rank 9 (1,000 mph)
Flight - Rank 8 (500 mph)
Flight with Wingstorm - Rank 10 (2,000 mph)
Swimming - Rank 6 (120 mph)
Burrowing (Soft Soil) - Rank 3 (16 mph)
Burrowing (Packed Earth) - Rank 2 (8 mph)
Burrowing (Stone) - Rank 0 (2 mph)

Edit: I see why it was confusing. The values above were already taken into account in his movement section. Will make a note on the sheet to clarify for completeness.

I just found out I got his size wrong. Turns out the rank table doesn't quite double exactly so I'm actually 50' longer, and have adjusted his ratios accordingly. When he stands on all fours on flat ground with his head held up like in the pictures, the top of his crest is 100' tall!!!

Another thing I just discovered:

You can move your full speed as a move action. You can take two move actions in one round. You can make a paltry athletics roll to go up a rank. So Actually my top speeds are quadruple those listed; and this applies to all my characters! W00t!!!

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