Chapter 2 - Of Dust, Of Death, Of Darkness

"Teleportation will be, then."

Lorem placed his bow back in place, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Then, he turned to his companions.

"Should we gather our things before departing? Even if in Saeb they will provide us with more supplies, if needed... But I suppose we could leave them with the horses as well."

"We will go get our possessions and horses and return here."

He looked at Farid. "Is there a place in particular that you would like us to place the horses? Perhaps in the room with the Oghma worshiper...would seem an appropriate place for the horses to relieve themselves."

It was funny. When Garak spoke to Farid, his voice had a measure of respect to it; he even came across as somewhat friendly. His tone was still quite cold, but it lacked the evil edge that was usually present. But, no mistake should be made by those listening...Garak was still evil down to his very core.

He gave Farid a polite nod of respect and headed towards the shimmering wall in hopes of quickly retrieving their horses and gear and getting out of this desert. It would be nice to be in a city again. Perhaps while they were there, Garak would have the opportunity to practice some of his more favorite aspects of his profession.

"Let us go forth and find our supplies, and be ready to leave at once. What shall we do about our mission from the order? Is that forgotten, I do not truly care. I am happy with our my lord, and feel he can be of a benefit to us." Tamrik spoke, a new song in his voice. He was tired of his old life, he had run from himself, lying to himself about who he was. He had killed in his life, and felt no remorse for it. Those deaths had benefitted him, and he was better because of it. He smiled, and it held as much good as evil in it. Death is for the weak. Let all come against me, let my blade strike true... He thought to himself.

"What are you fools waiting for, let us go at once." He spoke harshly and walked past Garak, seeking to take the lead. Nobody could harm him and get away with it. It was time to live, and live the way HE wished to do so.

"Unless you wish to donate all your equipment to me, I suggest you gather it together," Farid replies, chuckling at Lorem's odd question.

Ara and Joachim depart to grab the horses, the Paladin joining her out of concern that a single woman couldn't handle a half-dozen horses on her own. His concerns prove correct, as the desert-trained mounts are unaccustomed to, and unhappy with, being led into a cave of ice. They whinny and buck, but Joachim's strength keeps them in line, and they eventually manage to get all of them into the cave, where Joachim promptly ties them to the statue of the Oghma spy, hoping they don't smash it in an attempt to escape.

"Our mission, Tamrik? Surely you remember that they told us to go to Saerb?" Raen replies. "This fellow has just offered to teleport us there, so if anything, it'll allow us to complete it FASTER!"

With the equipment gathered and the horses secured, Farid motions for the group to move closer together. When they are ready, he closes his eyes and stuffs the sheet of parchment back into his robe. Glancing at his icy staff, he focuses his concentration on it until it shrinks to the size of a shoe, then raises it into the air as one would a wand.
Speaking in a language that seems perfectly suited for such a hostile environment, he moves the icy wand in a circle in the air, repeating this motion several times.

"Goodbye," he announces, his lips barely moving as he continues his spellcasting, and with a flick of the wand blackness engulfs you.

End of Chapter 2!

Congratulations on yet another successful Chapter in your journey! You faced several difficult challenges, not the least of which involved the loss of powerful party members, and have grown alongside the Campaign.

But beware...more action and adventure is just around the Chapter 3!

XP Awards

A Rundown on the 3 different XP types:
1) Combat XP - pretty much self-explanatory
2) Non-Combat XP - this is for things like solving puzzles, doing things "outside the box", and so forth.
3) Participation XP - this is for both actual participation/game activeness, as well as ingame roleplaying

Make sure your c-sheets are up-to-date with the latest info, including Level-Ups from XP gained, items gained/lost, HP, and so forth.
If you want to include a pseudo-log of interesting things your character has noticed during his travels, the c-sheet is a good place to do that, especially since some tidbits of info may come in handy later in the game

As always, I appreciate comments, suggestions, critiques, and so forth. You may use the Private Threads, the OOC thread, or you may PM me any comments you have.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3!


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