People and Places of Interest

People and Places of Interest

Ensuuk Pirodor - Primary Guard Watchman for The Order's desert fortress.
Mersuuk Pirodor - Secondary Guard Watchman for The Order's desert fortress.
Rupert - Gatekeeper

Map of Hlaungadath:

-- More will be added as the game unfolds --

The Council

????? - 1st among the Council
On the far left sits a white-haired old man, with a beard that would make any Dwarf proud. The inside of his cloak can be seen as red, and his features are the epitome of age and patience. He moves little, and says even less. As he removes his hood, the other three members of the Council make a strange half-bow while sitting, their upper torso leaning forward and their heads nodding slightly.

Leonora - 2nd among the Council
Beside him sits a young woman, surely no more than 30 years old as the Humans count. Fiery-red hair hangs down below her shoulders, and her eyes blaze a brilliant green. She is shorter than the old man beside her, yet bears a definite resemblance to him, and her place of honor by his side affirms that she is indeed high in the ranks of The Order.

Nanesil - 3rd among the Council
Next to him, a narrow-eared Elf sheds his cloak, dropping it to the ground with a slight ploomp and revealing the shining armor he wore beneath it. Rings of mail interwoven with sprigs of Ivy and Rose-stems, the armor flexed easily, while the sharp ivy and rose thorns pointed wickedly at the crowd. The Elf smiled as he gazed over the group, affording a quick sidelong glance at the old man before standing up to speak.

Aleru - 4th among the Council
On the far-right, a coarse-looking fellow stares back at you, his eyes dead-locked on yours and his face wholly immobile. His eyes probe yours, looking for that tiny speckle of fear cowering there, and finding nothing. There were no fools in this room. With an other-wise plain appearance, little would suggest to a stranger that this man held any position of power in this place, much less a seat on the Council. And that's exactly how he wanted it...

Licocious - Former member of the Order, powerful sorceror that turned to Bane's seductive embrace.

Insoba - Licocious' lover, put her allegiance in Mask's corner after leaving the Order.

Korakk - Former party member, brutally slaughtered by Ice Golems on the group's first adventure. Corpse stolen?

Zetroc - Former party member, left the group after Korakk's death. Last known direction of travel was into the desert.

Kashue - Former party member, left the group during their explorations of the Ice Caves.

Raen - Former party member, left the group while in Saerb.

Farid - Ruler of the icy fields to the North of Anauroch, associate of the Order of the Turning Sun. Seeks the other half of his broken blade Frostnight, and has enlisted the group to undertake small tasks for him, such as they become available.

Saerb Maps - Original and Updated

(Click for full view) - Original Map

(Updated Map)

Numbered Locations:
  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. Saerb Prison
  4. Militia Barracks
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. Temple of Mystra
  10. ???
  11. Saerb Imports (Docks)
  12. ???
  13. AAGP (Association for the Advancement of Goblinoid Peoples)
  14. ???
  15. ???
  16. ???
  17. Barolo's Barrel (General Store)
  18. Blackened Buckler (Blacksmith)
  19. Militia Headquarters
  20. Crusty Gathering (General Store)

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