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Fight Pit / crowd pumped encounter

Fight Pit / crowd pumped encounter

Im interested in piecing together a 5th ed fight pit encounter to replicate old wrestling match nostalgia where the players opponent isnt just the other person in the pit but the crowd as well.

Basically it'd be playing up the way that some wrestlers seem unstoppable as they get cheered on by their fans and eventually pull off a comeback hulk hogan / ultimate warrior style as their abilities increase from getting psyched up by the crowd. However the truth of this being because in the crowd there has somewhere between a few and ample support characters dishing out non obvious buffs like bardic inspirations, fighter battle master command point abilities etc as they cheer on the champ.

Not sure how sleezy or whatnot I want to make it, so I might not be so blatant about the cheating to use stuff like 'healing word', pre buffs and noticeable magic. Though if I do use it, it'd probably only be once for something like a comeback from the brink where the participants been down for the count and then a bunch of people start using healing word simultaneously to the point it becomes a 'healing cheer'.

So i'd like to break this encounter down into pieces. If you have advice on a piece indicate it as following.

A) The Champ - Figuring out race / class / skills / feats / etc. Also need to figure out if the champ is the charismatic one who gets the crowd goin, or if his support is the one that rallies the interest of the crowd through the natural excitement of the scene at hand. Probably gonna start this in the 4-6 range and can adjust it up if needed.
B) Support characters in the crowd. There should be at least 5 if not more but the mechanics should be hard to pick out. Suggestions on classes and abilities that fit this nitch.
C) Potential interference mechanics based on excitement/volume levels. If B's abilities function based on hearing/seeing eachother I think there should be potential penalties for flat out failure (perception dcs?), or even reduced effectiveness for situations where the noise could mingle with others. Thoughts on how to work such a mechanic?

I've got an idea for B.

Divine Soul Sorcerer with Subtle Spell casting healing word, lesser restoration on their ally, or casting other spells upon the enemy for example a 'paladin' could be fighting then seem to call upon divine power with sacred flame, spiritual weapon, and still be kept on their feet with seemingly infinite stamina (or HP). Pair the Divine Soul with Life Cleric for more healing power. (a minimum of 3 level of Divine Soul Sorcerer and 1 level of Life Cleric) Humans and Half Elves are the most viable depending on the setting.

You could use something like the Escalation Die from 13th Age. Every round they "win" each side tics their die up by one -- from 0 to 1 to 2, all the way to 6 or 8, depending on how big of a dice you want. They can add that to their attack and damage each round or expend them for a spell-like effect. I don't know if you want to take it directly from the Cleric casting list but I'd probably use something like the domain spells from the Strength domain for a start. So if you get the die up to 3 you could "spend" 2 points that round to play to the crowd and get the effect of Bull's Strength for a round. As an example.

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