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Arriving in from an unknown place

Arriving in from an unknown place

Hi everyone. I'm an old time D&D player who is dropping in looking for a good game to get involved in. It's been a while since I've been in a D&D game and I'm hoping to remedy that situation soon.

I've been involved in D&D since the old 2nd edition days (a system I still have many fond memories of). Hope to see you all around soon, hopefully in a game or two

My preferred system is 2nd ed, probably because I have so many fond memories of it, however these days I mainly play 4th ed, and on the odd occasion 3.5

Also I've noticed that 2nd ed is not dead on here and many people would most liekly still be interested in the game

There is a calling for 2nd ed, but the lack of online or SRD support makes it difficult to follow. =[
Make sure that you take a look at Pathfinder (an alternative to 3.5. Streamlined rules and class features.)

Yeah I will do, I also found the players of older D&D thread - I didn't realise there was still so much support for it here.

I wasn’t sure where best to post this, but thought that here in my original intro thread was the best place for it.

I’ve been absent from the site for a while now. To those whom I let down when I disappeared from the game I was running I apologise truly. I had a lot of things going on IRL, and although that doesn’t excuse not posting at the very least to let you know what was going on, it wasn’t something that I intended to happen.

I guess sometimes I reach a place where there is just a “click”, and I think about retreat and nothing else. I want to come back and give things another go, maybe get in a game or two and take it from there.

Again, apologies to anyone I let down — I can say that it truly wasn’t my intention to do so .

It's all good, Ballingray.
It is the nature of RL and Play-By-Post forums. I, myself, disappeared for over a year once.
(Don't worry, I came back to sanity!)

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