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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

New Arrival Here!

New Arrival Here!

Hello everyone! I'm a new arrival here, drawn by the promise of running and playing in games on a website with good UI and, from what I can gather based on a friend's experience, good players. I have years of experience with d20 and WoD game systems and with PBP as well. Just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone before I got around to posting convoluted character concepts with paragraphs-long backstories and gestalt games left and right!

Greetings and Welcomings, @Materia Mage!

We're glad you dropped into Myth-Weavers!

So you have experience with Play-by-Post, that's always a bonus - it makes transitioning into the full community so much easier!

In case you need info on our particular code, check out:
  • Our bbCode Help page! This way you can make your postings be even more awesome than everyone else's!
  • The ever important (for most RPGs) Dice Roller! Tips, tricks and generally how to make it work. Sadly, there is no help on appeasing the RNG gods yet. We haven't figured it out.

Lastly is the highly addictive, and ultimately rather fun, OFFICIAL MYTH-WEAVES DISCORD SERVER! It's my personal favorite. We have channels broken into systems so you can get questions answered rather quickly, we have pokemon to catch, voice channels for Video Game and Table Top Simulator and other things. Don't mind the harpoons - its a traditional Discord Greeting. They're friendly harpoons.

Glad to be here!

I have far too much experience with PBP. I am acquainted with all of it's strengths and it's unfortunate weaknesses. I love it because it allows more intricate experiences, even though the combat grind does prove to be bothersome at times.

Thanks for the formatting commands! I knew most of the basic ones, but not some of the more advanced ones.

I will check out the Discord server soon. It sounds like it could be really fun for random chat based on what you and my friend say, plus it should make real-time chat with people for recruitments far easier if they have questions that need replies ASAP.

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