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2d20 anyone? What are your thoughts?

2d20 anyone? What are your thoughts?

Like to gather some feedback on the system in general and Conan specifically... Thanks all.

Moving this to Gaming Discussion so it can get more attention.

I've played the Infinity RPG which also runs on 2d20, albeit a slightly more crunchy version.

In play I found the heat/momentum mechanic, coupled with the talents and skill trees that you use to customize your character, tended to push very dramatic swings between success and failure - the game rewards you more for pushing for higher "highs" and enduring lower "lows" narratively than it does a more reserved or methodical style of play. To put it another way, if you play Shadowrun think Pink Mohawk over Brown Business Suit or Mirroshades; the metacurrency economy actively works against traditional planning - the ability of the GM to burn some heat to drop a Bureau Toth hit-squad or Cultists of Set on you to spice up an infiltration scene or make the information/map you thought you had unreliable means that no matter how well you plan the mechanics are working to make you flatfooted at some point. The mechanics are also working to make you awesome in equal - or better! - measure at the same time, but in my experience the result was a kind of whipsaw between hyper-competent kick-buttery and the-universe-is-out-to-get-me/bumbling incompetence slapstick. Things seem to only get worse the higher you climb the talent trees in your characters chosen skills - with rerolls on failures and extra successes and momentum being common talent perks you can get a PC to a point where failure becomes essentially only a dramatic choice rather than a normal possibility by the dice . . . which is a valid way to play, but if that's the mechanical endgame there's a lot of unnecessary widgets and math in the way of it, y'know?

I think for one shots and short campaigns 2d20 works well - that's what we used it for - particularly if your group is comfortable with a more improvisational style and you have a GM that values relatively minimal prep (the heat/momentum impact on the fiction of the world means planning is largely a wasted effort). IRL it moved quickly - even with us all being new to the game we were engaging fully with the rules within the first hour even with only one rule book to split between us. Not sure how it would work by play by post because there was a fair amount of informal negotiation that was involved in some of the metacurrency expenditures; a thirty second "I wanna do X, that cool with you?" IRL exchange could drag out in a PbP environment.

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