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Hello, everyone!

I am a long-time D&D player, having started back in the late 2000's playing 3.5. Moved to Pathfinder when my friends and all were terribly disappointed with 4e, now I'm almost entirely converted to 5e.

I'm running an in-person campaign with some friends of mine, but I'm jonesing for some time as a player. Looking for a game or two to join. Glad to have found the site.

Greetings and Salutations @DreemWalker!

Well, 5e is becoming a very popular game here on Myth-Weavers, so I'm sure you won't have difficulty finding a game. We also have our very own branch of WotC's Adventurer's League!

We have some great tools for you, as well:
On top of these three awesome posts, we have a few others goodies!

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