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Hello all!

I've played a fair amount of pen-and-paper RPGs, but there's not exactly a lot of players in my area so I thought I'd try my luck with Play-by-Post, even though I'm not familiar with the...logistics of it, really.

This site seemed like the best option, so I hope I'll be able to acclimate soon and join in to the community.

I play GURPS mostly, GMing for my friends but i'm down for anything, really.

Welcome, Welcome @DakkaBoyzRool!

<epic voice> Welcome to Myth-Weavers! </epic voice>


Seriously, welcome to our little corner of the web.

There is a whole SLEW of us RPGers here, though, I admit just a few random games of GURPS, perhaps you'll start a new trend!

Some useful reading:
Right there - that's your Orientation Light Reading. They are great overviews about how things typically work here, every website has it's own culture and what not, after all.

Now, if you want the Baer Grillz Survival Guides ....
Feel free to ask any other questions you want, we are a friendly lot! You can do so by responding here, or, my personal favorite, join us in the OFFICIAL MYTH-WEAVERS DISCORD SERVER where we are faster with the snark and laughter, along with the help and jokes about Colin's beard!

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