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Good Evening

Good Evening

Hello internet people,

I am looking to play some Dungeons and Dragons with the wide world of the internet. I have recently discovered the 5th edition and would like to try it out with other folks. I am not able to really play much in person so it was suggested that I try to find something online.

Hello Mr. Cat aka @TomnotJerry!

Oh, do we have a treat for you!

Not only do we have great orientation stuffs:
We also have some great guides:
There is also the Official Adventurer's League Myth-Weavers Chapter! for fun pick-up games of 5e!

And lastly - we have a social side besides the website!
Join us on the OFFICIAL MYTH-WEAVES DISCORD SERVER! - where we gather to talk about gaming (board, video, table top), Real Life, Colin's Beard: Cloin, amoung other things. But we also gather for TableTope Simulator, host Hybrid Discord and Myth-Weavers games, have voice-chat for video games like World of Warships, etc! It's an all around fun server! Join us!


They are good pick-up games, and you can find people in the community you really get along with and get private games together!

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