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Mist form Trap

Mist form Trap

Currently level 15 cleric, would have designed and built this between levels 12 and 14 so give suggestions accordingly. If possible i'd prefer a non magic based mechanism that I could make with fantasy tech levels.

Im looking to devise a treasure chute for my compound that leads to a silo connected to my vault and I want to secure it against foes that can turn to vapor like vampires etc.

Was thinking that the chute is hidden in the 'donations box' and once a certain amount of mass is put inside the bottom tilts and pours the contents into this chute (not in a location known for worshippers of my temple, no followers or congregation and site is usually highly warded etc).

I need at least one if not a few mass/volume triggers that cause it to close a ceiling above that area all the way to the entry pour point but it does this automatically when the false bottom resets after 30 seconds if nothing is keeping it pushed.

After which something needs to occur that would suck out the air/vapors and effectively vacuum seal the lowest section and potentially suck up any would be gaseous intruders into a holding tank that will be too compact for them to reform in properly and will kill them if they have a time limit and cant stay that way permanently (maybe keep an ooze of some kind in there to clean up that cant eat the container itself etc). Probably have a closure that falls into place when its not sucking so the misty intruder cant just move back out the way it came in too.

It's the vacume/suction aparatus im primarily unsure about. Suggestions?


Also although the site would usually be warded against such things, we've made some enemies of folks higher level then us that can dispel my general site based precautions like Hallow/forbiddence.

Any suggestions on something I can put up (preferabbly on a permanent scale) to prevent Incorporeal / etheral nasties from flying through my solid foundations to find my more hidden rooms?

A vacuum device is going to take energy. Maybe a water wheel or something can help you with that. Then you need some kind of bellows and like a revolving wheel with a hole in it so that you can expand the bellows to suck the air in, then compress the bellows to push the air out. Can you make this chamber airtight to create a vacuum effect? Possibly. Magically shape stone and grease the edges, put them on pins linked to the mechanism. Will this trap vampires? No, not without some sort of sensor. You have to expel that excess gas somewhere. There's tricks that can be played with temperature to create a vacuum, but you still have to send the air somewhere. Maybe if you expelled it into some really long corkscrew shaft that looped under the earth until these spells expired?

Can gaseous forms travel though liquid? Coins can. Presumably some sort of U could be constructed. Maybe have a mechanism that pushes the coins up a finely grated ramp to then drop down a dry shaft. It would be difficult to maintain though.

I want to say your biggest problem would be getting rubber for the gaskets and seals, but you do have Fabricate, wouldn't you? You can just create whichever material you want.

Coins drop, the mechanism stays open for thirty seconds as you said. The mechanism closes, and the Decanter of Endless Water you have rigged underneath it proceeds to flood the shaft all the way from the top down, trapping gaseous enemies underwater. After a full minute or so of the treasure shaft being flooded (plenty of time to deal with vampires), the water drains and the coins are deposited in the actual desired location.

If you want something more simple, just have the donations box drop into a flooded shaft (perhaps filled with holy water?) so that gaseous enemies can't enter in the first place... but then you miss out on the opportunity to trap them.

Barring force effects, setting up pipes full of holy water packed close together throughout your temple/vault walls will effectively keep ethereal undead at bay. As for ethereal spellcasters, well, you might just have to wait out their ethereal jaunt.

Canjo - yeah the idea would be that once it's sealed that the air would get sucked out (hopefully with any gaseous creatures) and pumped into somewhere else. Whether this is a pressured container/s in a room I could swap out (and potentially vent release if I catch something and want to deal with it) etc or a series of death shafts that I can access from a maintenance tunnel and purge by stone shaping to release the built up pressure etc.


Rave - Our wizards player is currently incarcerated but should be back out in a month or so. Admittidly we've been making ourselves decent associates and business contacts of many named npcs arcane casters so I can probably purchase the service on one of our visits for selling/buying items.


Interesting ideas on the water traps folks. I especially like the idea of the chute flooding with water to clean the simple treasure like coin/gem and push out the air. Since the bottom of the donation box is only designed to tilt down, if I put a wedge on the bottom of the donation box so that it stays at a steady angel once open...

Then that means that the highest points for air in the shaft once sealed would be to both sides of the box in the shaft. Thus if we add channels for the air to go and or pipes, as the chute fills with water all the air is eventually pushed out. If we ad an airtight hinge that can move inward and slide back but cant be pushed back out then any entities would be stuck in this area and the water/treasure would then get pushed to the next area where it would drain and then be dried off.

Though if I wanted to go a step further, we could also perhaps manage a pathagoras cup system and unite its pipe with the air pipe I mentioned above then suddenly all that water is flowing out and pushes any such creature in the system to the bottom most portion. At which point i'd need to decide if I want an endless source of water (which means I have to drain it off occasionally), or if I just want to repump the relatively same volume of water over and over again from a system with a reservoir with a little extra water that I can access and refill as needed etc...

Dalar - Suppose I could just do a sheet of holy water as one of the wall layers as well though that uses a bit more.

Maybe a drain valve and piping system to put it back in so I can occasionally test the purity/holyness of the water and recyle it back into its location...


Honestly I really need to figure out ways to spend/invest my money rather then leaving it idle in a temple. I've had a million or so gp stagnant for quite awhile now. **chuckle** Mainly do this so my extra dimensional space objects are freed up to loot while adventuring so we can get more back to sell.

I should sit down to figure out a one item carrying solution to this tbh ; either that or I might make a vault plane or something with create demiplane since I can just plane shift without much issue. Though if I was going that far i'd probably make it a no magic dimension with a portal to the vault and then figure out how its sealed and a way of making it too hard for anyone who can get in to get out, but within my ability to escape etc...

Though i'll probably save the demiplane discussion for its own thread.

It's not like religious orders having elaborate water piping is unprecedented... Helbrunn Palace (outside Salzburg, Austria) is fun no matter what your age is.


This is one of the few vacation destinations that is better with kids; it's hilarious how they spazz out when they get squirted from an unexpected direction.

As a guy who enjoys pranks and nerds out a bit on architecture and engineering, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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