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Find my cleric a deity!

Find my cleric a deity!

Middle aged
Level 1
Chaotic or Neutral Good, maybe Neutral or Chaotic Neutral
Reign of Winter AP
Ice Domain
Fire or Travel Domain
From somewhere cold and the wilderness

What is a good Golarian Deity for my dude, Willhelm Constance?

Unsurprisingly, the majority of Ice domain deities are evil. Most of them are either demon lords, elder gods or devils. The only exceptions I see are Pharasma, who doesn't really seem to fit your design, Yamatsumi, who is a bit closer, but is also from Tian, which might be a tough sell. Your best fit is Tolc, a CG Empyreal Lord. Unfortunately, we have very little info on most empyreal lords and Tolc is no exception. Still, he is a wilderness deity associated with the North and has Ice and Travel as domains.

Tolc seems like a great fit for ice and travel, thanks.

Are there any deities that might fit ice and fire?

Ah right, I forgot he had fire too. I originally said he might be a tough sell as a Tian deity, but a bit more research shows he is supposedly one of the better known Tian deities in Golarion, so maybe?

Thanks guys.

Well I’m torn between ice/fire and ice/travel. It boils down to the age-old question fun vs. power. Fire seems more fun, but travel is so useful.

For story purposes, I’ll have him be orphaned as a child but raised by an old couple who migrated from the other continent, I think.

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