Hold Them Down: Reviving the dead in Aelsif

Aelsif's a setting very extremely limited resurrection, complete with a strict 10-minute time limit and often a high level requirement. But it isn't just that resurrection is hard and doesn't always work, it's also dangerous, unpredictable, and often produces bad results.

Time limit: Only mostly dead.
You aren't really bringing back the dead in this game so much as you're restoring vital functions of somebody who is still in the process of dying, but beyond the reach of any non-magical means of reviving them. As time goes on after they are clinically dead, the time after their heart has stopped beating and brain activity has ground to a halt, cells begin dying. That includes brain cells, and after 10 minutes they won't have enough brain tissue remaining to function, even if they are revived. This isn't something you can reverse with magic, either, because their remaining neurons are scrambled. All you can do with somebody who's been "dead" for more than 10 minutes is make a vegetable, a zombie, or a profit if you go through their pockets.

Lingering damage: You've been dead for a long time.
Even if it's 9 minutes and 54 seconds, don't think there won't be serious consequences. Every minute that ticks by deals 1 point of damage to all six of the subject's attributes. Ability damage regenerates over time, but when a stat is at or below 0 a character is disabled until it returns to a positive number. For constitution and faith, this is far more serious. If you manage to get the spell off, but too late for constitution to remain, the revive will fail because their heart won't be able to restart, and you can't heal constitution damage on somebody who's already dead. As for faith, when that hits zero it never comes back, and rather than a character being incapacitated they become confused, forever. Additionally, every minute that passes they lose a character level, down to a minimum of 1. As the fastest revives still take a whole minute, falling behind is inevitable.

The danger, unpredictability, and bad results: Hold them down.
As a character lies dead, even as you're trying to revive them, their mind takes a great deal of damage and they steadily lose memory and higher reasoning ability. This may be restored in time, but at first they're going to come back confused and angry, in excruciating pain and unable to think above an instinctual level. The longer they were dead, the longer this is going to last, and the more it's going to affect them in the long run. The memories fade, smallest first until the little details are gone, then they start losing older memories and emotions, until eventually if they're really revived on that 9:54 mark all they'll remember is dying, and wake up in excruciating pain, confused and enraged, with no idea who anybody around them is except for everybody's immediate part in their death. This is why you hold somebody down when they are revived, they're going to be nothing but violent for quite some time. And if they remember who killed them, expect that to be their only concern until they get their revenge.