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Need some help with an Arcanist

Need some help with an Arcanist

I Am working on a build for a mythic Game and am planning the following

Inspired Blade - Swash Buckler (1) Blade Adept - arcanist 6 / Eldritch knight 10

Need advice on my Exploits and Feat

I've never been that big a fan of Blade Adept or even Black Blade Magus, because a) Greater Magic Weapon exists and b) you can't put special weapon properties on your blade so actually having e.g. a Keen Flaming sword +1 and then casting GMW on it is better than the Black Blade (the blade doesn't cost gp, but for your signature and best item you want the best, not the best value). This actually means you lose half the advantage of having it as a bonded weapon, which you paid two exploits for.

Blade Adept is kind of even worse because you either:
-Stay straight Arcanist and suffer your 1/2 BAB
-Go into something like Eldritch Knight... which doesn't advance your blade. You have to take the Eldritch Blade option to do this.

So you'll be stuck with a +2 blade forever... of course you can cast GMW on it, but you could also just have bought a 10gp weapon and done that. Your blade has some minor perks (you can give it a +2 damage bonus by spending its pool points, it gives you Alertness, it makes more intelligent conversation than the party Fighter, etc) but these don't in any way feel worth it.

If you do go this route, you lose your exploits at L1 and L3 so you only get the one, at L5 - though you can spend feats to gain more (with Extra Arcanist Exploit). You do however get some unique exploit choices which is a small silver lining, including the ability to take Magus Arcanae. However you basically need Eldritch Blade in order to make this archetype worth it (but not at Arcanist 5 - you could take it as a feat at the point when your enhancement bonus starts to drop behind).

As possible feat options, I would recommend Dimension Slide, because it's great for everyone and especially you who'll be in the thick of it more, and Quick Study, because it's great for everyone. Arcane Accuracy is great as a Magus Arcana and will more than make up for your low BAB (though there's some anti-synergy with the Swash dip which also demands attention for your swift/immediate actions), and Spellstrike is even better for you than it is for a Magus. Potent Magic is normally a good pick but as a gish you're liable to be using more buffs and fewer save-or-else spells.

All in all... I think you will find that compared with a Magus, you have a similar AB (worse at the lower levels, better during the EK levels) and probably better casting (you go up to L9 spells but you lose two casting levels - the Magus is a bit smoother - you also get what is on the whole a better list, though you lose some gems like Bladed Dash). However you'll be burning feats to keep up since you have more exploits/arcanae that you want to take - as compared with the Magus who only gives up the L3 arcana. You also lose out on other Magus class features - most notably Spell Combat! - but gain the option to take regular exploits like Quick Study.

It's probably not as bad as I first thought, because higher-level casting is one of the more powerful things in PF anyway, but it might be a bit of a bumpy ride as you go through some good levels and some poor levels, and the lack of Spell Combat is sad for a character who otherwise so closely matches a Magus.

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