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Re-Introduction and Apologies

Re-Introduction and Apologies

Greetings everyone!

I joined around September of last year with the intention of creating a great Pathfinder game but, unfortunately, life happened some time after that and I pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth. The details are quite lurid but, suffice it to say, the incident and the health problems that sprung from it practically crippled me. I was unable to get out and do anything physical, I couldn't enjoy other pursuits like video games or books, and spent most of my time just being miserable in a way that I never have before.

I have been rebuilding myself physically and mentally over the time since then and found not only a new way to look at life, but I rediscovered the spirituality that I once felt I had lost years ago. Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just need to find a way to turn it into a freckled lemonade and make the best of it. There is always a silver lining and I found mine despite all the pain and suffering I endured. I am making a concerted effort to look after my health, I have a much better outlook on life and people in general, and, for the first time in years, I can say that I am working to serve a higher purpose than just scraping by in life and looking out for myself and my social circle. Despite a few lingering problems that will, hopefully, fade with time, I feel amazing.

It has been almost half a year since I last posted, but I have returned to fulfill my desire, and promise, to GM a game here on Mythweavers. To everyone who was waiting with bated breath for an actual recruitment after the idea that I posed in game planning, I extend my sincere apologies for the massive faux pas of vanishing. It is my intention to open a game planning thread soon and see if I can get the (figurative) ball rolling on setting up a campaign that will be remembered!

Hello, and welcome to the site. And I get IRL stuff happening, I myself had to step back from a game I was running until I recently managed to come back, so yeah, take it easy. Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing what you plan to run.

Life happens, to all of us. Sometimes, it's for the better, sometimes the worse, and occasionally both, like it would seem is your case.

You're not the first GM to vanish cuz life decided to uppercut them in the nether region and you won't be the last.

Massive congrats on showing life you're stronger than that, and best of luck on your continued road to recovery.

I am absolutely looking forward to whatever it is you plan on running.

A similar thing happened to me, though I wouldn't know the relative severity. As my condition progressed and I became weaker and more fatigued, it became hard to have the focus to write regularly. It wasn't a conscious choice to quit, I just gradually couldn't put in the effort anymore and eventually stopped altogether. Thankfully I have treatment now. Never really fixed, but wont kill me at least. Probably.

Its a shame to have had to abandon those games. Good luck getting something new going.

Hey, long time no see Glad that you're doing better, I remember your Game Planning thread and the awesome ideas that were discussed! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

@Ballingray: Thank you sir!

@Lordmonkeysama: Thank you as well! I know all too well how PBP works and that's why I felt like kicking myself after what happened. It would've been hard, although not actually impossible, to type while hooked up to a machine and I felt like a colossal heel not having let everyone know what was going on. I'm just glad that whole mess is behind me despite it changing me for the better. Also, forgive me if I'm wrong, but is that a wrestling reference on your signature?

@Quedy: Thanks to you as well! I'm sorry to hear about your own problems, but I'm glad that you managed to get them fixed most of the way. Here's to hoping that things remain that way!

@L_X_D: Hello again! Thanks the fourth to you! Those were some cool ideas in that thread and, honestly, I could see myself running most of them at some point, although probably not all of them simultaneously.

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