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This game, 47 Ronin, didn't get out of the applications stage, but quite a few people have applied and put a lot of effort into their applications, and there seems to be a lot of interest in the concept. I don't suppose anyone would be interested in picking it up? Here's some pre-game IC posting that happened, which might whet your appetite.

Somewhat ironically named game, given this post, is looking for a DM.

We've had two adapting DM since our first left but the second was banned from the site (for reasons unknown to us) and the latest simply said he did not feel he could relate to the characters.

If you've ever dreamt of DMing a steady and dependable group of players, look no further!
Game comes complete with four players who've been there from the start for over a year and are still around (even after two failed pickup attempts. We're sticking with this and just looking for a motivated soul!)

We've taken these characters from 2nd level to 6th and are keen to take them further!

Game is a D&D 3.5 classic game, set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Current plot line can be picked up, but brand new one elsewhere in the realms also welcome! We are happy to help drive the plot as well, if that's your style. (I discussed some directions with the previous DM that we we're both excited about, so those are up for grabs too. The previous DM is very cooperative.)

Current group is a wizard, cleric/sorcerer, paladin and cleric.

Game can be found here:

Please drop by for a visit with any questions you might have and consider adopting us!

@Mordae: Nothing too dramatic. I'd like to be promoted to Head GM for the game Shadows of the Last War.
I've been the acting GM for a while, ever since the Head GM left to prioritize his newborn, and it does not look like he will return.
As we're starting up a re-recruitment process now, I'd like the extra options (i.e. to kick inactive players from the game profile).
Thanks in advance!

I'm looking for a DM or three to join me in a multi-group campaign. I have claimed a group of characters after playing five tables at once for as long as I could. There are still a great number of characters whose players want to continue and hose characters will be great. The campaign is based on all of the seasons since 5e D&D came out. I'm playing it as a conflagration that is threatening to destroy the Sword Coast as more and more get drawn in - Giants, Dragons, Cults, Demons etc. The campaign will be stretched out with down-time between, and the possibility that groups can slip from one Adventure into another seamlessly, as they will all be connected. I can explain more if you're interested. DMs will have a lot of leeway, but we will keep in touch so the groups can impact the adventures of the other groups.

Game Forum here:

We seem to have a new DM now, so thank you for those who showed interest and hopefully it'll work out this time!


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