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x3--: Season 3 OOC

...Guys, I need a really good reason that Tag doesn't start shooting.

Cause he realizes that jawas are like roaches. Kill one and a gazillion more follow. Except these roaches can carry weapons and could overwhelm us with numbers.

I've got a bad feeling...

Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
This is a quick recap of everything so far, for those of you have found yourself lost after recent events:
Bless you.

I'm back. Mostly.

On an unrelated note, I hate my job. Everyone here got a half-day, but I get to stay on, for most intents and purpose, in case the phone rings. Oh, and two guys in my department got fired. I haven't shaved in two weeks.

So, ye, /rant. Update incoming.

Aha! Welcome back and three cheers for facial foliage!

Bad week for me. Really far behind.

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