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X305: The Burning Goddess

Tag blows out a breath as the Jawas leave. He hits his comm. "Nice job, Darion."

Dice Roll:

d Results:
Whoops, ignore that.
Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 15

It is a few tense minutes as the ship finally finishes the refueling cycle. The Jawa had fled back to their encampment, leaving the perimeter set by Charlie squad altogether empty and awkwardly silent. Just beyond it, the Mac-tok and a small congregation of three or so tribesmen seem to wait patiently, perhaps expecting final words with the ship's crew.

The tip of the sun's disc was beginning to crown across the horizon, and the light of the Tormentor was marching slowly but surely towards them across the Goddess' lifeless desert. The Express was ready to go; destination?


Grey heads to the cockpit and starts working to triangulate the location of the downed ship they're looking for, as well as the most likely location of the Rub teams.

He'll let Naru go deal with Mac-tok.

-5 Force Points

Dice Roll: 1d20+20z
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 22)
Use Computer 1 (22)
Dice Roll: 1d20+20z
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 36)
Use Computer 2 (36)

This is a quick recap of everything so far, for those of you have found yourself lost after recent events:

As part of the ongoing effort to to stay on top of any and all actionable intelligence available, Adrmiral Heckssler has dispatched the crew of the Midnight Express to the Omega 4 sector of the Expansion Rim in Umbara space. The advance team, and the team sent to find the advance team, had failed to check in. Their mission was to capture and hold an Imperial-affiliated facility in that sector.

Contacting the Umbarans, the crew of the Express refused to negotiate for information on their terms, but still managed to mediate a small window of opportunity where the Umbaran military would not intercept their incursion into that section of restricted space.

Arriving in the sector, the Express was almost immediately disabled by radiation emanating from the system's star, and after a harsh rush into the planet's shadow, the team manage to navigate the planet's asteroid field, avoiding debris from a space graveyard of ships which had arrived in the system unprepared. They manage to avoid a hostile encounter with unfriendly starfighters (who mysteriously could mitigate the radiation's harmful effects on their ships), while simultaneously staging a daring rescue of Charlie squad, a group of stranded Alliance marines. Nonetheless the encounter had done critical damage to the Express and almost depleted her power reserves.

Landing on the nearby planet, the crew meets a small tribe of space-faring nomadic Jawa, and choose to pay tribute and join their tribe. They learn a little of their history and about their reverent relationship with their homestead, the Goddess, and the star She orbits, the Tormentor. Having gained access to their holds, made up of scrap collected as it fell to the ground from the orbiting graveyard, they find the power source they need to replenish their ship and proceed to do so, only to find the Jawa mysteriously swarming and apparently looting their vessel. After a few tense moments, they managed to scatter the swarm, but it is unclear what ramifications this has had on their relationship with their hosts.

The Express is now refueled, and ready to embark.

Renk performs a quick inventory of the engineering components while he waits for the reactor to finish charging.

Confident that the ship is flight-worthy again, he activates his comlink:

Comm: "Looks like we're good back here - reactor has full charge again. She seems to be intact enough to fly - though I'm certain there are parts missing. Probably nothing that we can't fix, though."

He looks over the piles of parts around the chassis for the Bowtie and the All-In and grimaces.

Comm: "The Bowtie and All-In don't look as good...but I'm sure we can put them back together. Are we missing anything else? Droids, gear, etc? Might be worth checking before we leave..."


Grey mutters into the comms, Wookiee: "They stole the chef. Means we have to go back to Rane's cooking. The price we have had to pay on this mission might affect us for the rest of our lives, now."

-5 Force Points

Same use computer rolls from above.

Tag hits the comm. "Dorat... or Renk, actually. Man, it's weird having two of you around. Anyway, one of you do a diagnostic, make sure the rodents didn't leave with anything we really need." He then leans back and blows out a breath. Man, that was close.

"I'm on it Tag" Dorat says as he switches on the engine room computer and begins running the diagnostic.


Dice Roll: 1d20+17z
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 23)
Mechanics (23)

And I'm not sure if you still need it since I'm behind as usual but

Dice Roll: 1d20z
d20 Results: 10
D20 (10)


Darion is the last to board, hoping down from the top of the ship and following Charlie squad inside. All he can do is shake his head at the mess the Jawa horde left behind. The little guys were usually scavengers, but he'd never really thought about what kind of damage a crowd of them could do. Hopefully they didn't take anything important.

As Tag and the mechanics get the ship ready he finds his way to the sensor station again and takes a seat. This isn't over yet.

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