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x3--: Season 3 OOC

Honestly, I figured we'd split up the money between all the active player characters.

I'd be surprised if we make it off the ship with the loot.

What's more important?
That we got 4.5 mil credits? Loot
Or that we won? Achievement
PS- Don't forget about the thing... Plot Device

I say this, because if the adventure leads us into the losing of the loot, for whatever reason, I don't want to see a bunch of hurt feelings. 4.5 mil credits is an awful lot of characters of our level, is it really appropriate for us to leave this episode with that many credits in hand? Maybe Chim does mean for us to get it, and if so, fine. But otherwise, think with your GM caps and realize that there's more episode to happen yet. We don't know what might transpire.

Okay, never mind. Had a while to go off and think about it today. Got myself very far "off-tilt," to borrow a MtG term, because I associated the result of the tournament with something I really shouldn't have. (If you care: the quality of my post before it.)


So... how we going to get us and our 900,000 each off the ship? Cloak?

I dunno, but I bet we need a rock-solid plan, else I expect we'll get a devil's choice of either the money or the plot device.

Btw, Rotta's plan is to try to play Huuru and the woman off of each other, somehow, and hope in the confusion to escape.

Uh... money?

Seriously, plot device can be plot device. We can literally buy a star destroyer with this much scratch.

Exactly. So what does your GM-hat say the odds are of us making it away with the money easy? Making it away with the money will be harder than winning the tourney.

I mean, we basically just need to GET TO DAH CHOPPAH. If there's a canon way of detecting stygium cloaks I'm not familiar with it.

Besides using the Force, of course. Rane.

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