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The Pale Army

The Pale Army - Forum
Call of Cthulhu
Estimated Members Requested: 6

June 6, 1944: D-Day invasion of Normandy, France
An Allied force of more than 150,000 troops, 5,000 ships and 800 aircraft assault 50 miles of northern France's Normandy coastline. More than 4,000 Allied troops die, and 6,000 are wounded, but the Allies succeed in breaching Hitler's coastal defense of France.

August 25, 1944: Liberation of Paris, France
Allied troops, with the help of the French resistance led by Gen. Charles de Gaulle, liberate Paris after four years of German occupation.

Dec. 16, 1944: The Battle of the Bulge
The last German offensive on the Western Front begins. Hitler orders a quarter-million troops across Belgium, northern France, and Luxembourg to push back the Allied forces. German troops advance 50 miles into the Allied lines, creating a deadly "bulge" into Allied defenses.

Jan. 16, 1945: The Battle of the Bulge Ends
The battle ends with a defeat and retreat for Germany as its supplies grow short and its forces are overcome by Allied resistance. This was the deadliest encounter for the Allies in World War 2. Out of the 610,000 troops, 89,000 were casualties and 8,600 died.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ ________

Our tale takes place in late January of 1945. Axis troops have been scattered, most retreating to Germany for an ill-fated last stand. In France, the few Axis troops left uncaptured have hidden until they feel it is safe to make an escape. They have few supplies, and the winter season is taking a toll. Squads of Allied soldiers have been dispatched across the French front to round up any Axis remnants.

These Allied squads, typically numbering less than a dozen soldiers each, while well-supplied, are separated from one other severely. Any one squad could be days apart from the next. Axis troops that are encountered typically surrender immediately, knowing they will fare far better in the hands of the Allies than left on their own in the harsh winter landscape.

The search is daunting, though, and quite dangerous. Surprise attacks claim many lives, even though the encounters are typically very brief. Ruined castles and destroyed villages dot the French countryside, all of which make for suitable Axis hiding places. Allied troops must stay constantly vigil as they march through the ice, snow, and rubble.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ _________

You are a member of one of these squads of Nazi hunters. You survived the D-Day invasion, and have formed a close bond with each member of your squad. Your hopes are high as you see an Allied victory close at hand, but you keep an ever-alert eye scanning the horizon. You and your brothers have been through much, and the sooner you can round up these fleeing Nazi scum, the sooner you can go back home.

You have received intel that a small band of Axis troops was seen passing through an area that contains an abandoned grain mill. It should be an easy venture, as your enemy will likely surrender at the first sight of you. Still, though, you remain alert and ready for anything. Well…maybe not ANYthing.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ _________

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Number of Players: 6
Application Cutoff: I'll let the ad run for 2 weeks unless I receive an overwhelming amount of apps (which I doubt).

Character Creation: The rules for character creation can be found HERE.

Finished characters can be submitted HERE.

Questions? Comments? Let me have 'em!

Game Description:

January, 1945, France. The Allies have finally broken the Axis lines, and now the mission is to round up fleeing hostiles. Scattered, freezing, and ill-equipped, Axis forces take shelter wherever they can: crumbling castles, destroyed towns, and so on. For a well-trained squad of special-ops, it should be easy work. What they find, though, is far beyond their military protocol.

This is a Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition game. I am looking for 6 players to take the roles of the special-ops members to track down a fleeing band of Nazis. The characters are pre-loaded, pre-outfitted, and ready to roll. All they need are able bodies to bring them to life.

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Hey, super interested in this as I picked up the Investigator's Handbook a while and have been wanting to get in a game.

There does seem to be a difference in how characters are generated between the Quick Start Rules (also listed as the 'Quick Fire Method' in the Handbook) and the general method in the Handbook, though, along the lines of Bobcloclimar's question. It seems the QSR (Quick Fire Method) uses fixed numbers: 9 scores between 70-40% for Occupation Skills, and then adding 20% to four non-occupation skills. Whereas the Handbook Character Generation uses the Skill Point system like on the Character Creation page of the game Forum (EDU x 2 + either DEX x 2 or STR x 2 + 10) for Occupation Skills and then Personal Interest Skill points are calculated at INT x 2. I'm assuming when creating our characters, we should stick with either one (QSR) or the other (Handbook) method completely?

Anyways, hoping to have a character submitted soon, looking forward to the opportunity.

Yes, choose one or the other. I know there is a bit of confusion between the QSR and the core rulebooks, but we'll get it all ironed out.

I'm going to switch to the QSR method for my app, then; it provides far more skill points (up to 540, depending on the original base values).

Gotcha, sounds good. Was also thinking of using the Quick Start Rules, seems like a good way to go, especially since I'm fairly new to the system.

Wow...looks like the only role not yet spoken for is the demolition man. I honestly thought that one would've been snagged up before the commo guy.

I've never played cuthulu before, but I'm really interested in the WWII setting. If I'm a newbie at this gaming system will that have a severe impact?

Also, have you considered a Browing Automatic Rifle position?

If you have a basic familiarity of the rules, then feel free!
Also, the Rear Gunner position has a Browning auto.


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