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Preferred method of posting a CS?

Preferred method of posting a CS?

Hi there. I'm new to this site and still feeling my way around when I can...

With regard to Character Sheets, is there generally a preferred way that a GM wants a player to post their CS (i.e. Attach the official CS, Use the "sheets" section, or Stat Blocks). I'm not sure if there are more option beyond those three, but just curious as to what the community thinks on this.

So this is something that kind of varies on GM and system, but the most common I've seen is quite simply posting a link to their character sheet (the Myth-Weavers one) along with whatever write up you have on the character. Some also toss in a stat block (especially if you get one generated from the MW character sheet).

Perhaps as an aside, there is a code for auto-posting your stat block (and usually, a link to your sheet), to your posts. If you’ve joined a game, you can do {sb=1;sp][/sb], to do so. Brackets throughout.

Edit: May only be a thing for 3.5 and PF actually.

Most Sheets have a Statblock box. Manual entry is the case for most, only a few have automated statblock creation.

Should work on any sheet that includes a statblock. I know it works for 4e and 5e as well, should work for 13th Age, Star Wars Saga, Savage Worlds (though I believe you need to actually fill the statblock manually for that one), and probably others that I'm missing.

The only sheets I know don't have statblocks are Mutants and Masterminds and Iron Heroes.

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