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New Mythweaver

New Mythweaver

Hey everyone, I'm Darth Bardo, and this is my first time on Myth Weavers. I've been playing RPG since 2nd edition D&D (I even used to help run a PBP gaming group for 2e on Prodigy!). I haven't really had the time to play TT since 3.5e, and I dabbled in PbP on other sites, but it never really stuck. I've recently become enamored with 2 new systems, the FFG Star Wars system and Mutants & Masterminds. I'm hoping to find a game for one of those systems here. Thanks for having me.

To that end, is there a "Players seeking games" type area?

If you wanna get into a game, you gotta check what is into recruitment, but other than that not really I don't believe

Welcome @Darth Bardo! FFGSW and M&M are popular here. That you have some exposure to PBP is good. Don't need to go through that speech

Yes, the game recruitment area is called Games & Ads. How it works is, GMs will post games they are interested in running, and players will apply for those games. The Game Planning forum is also a good place to check. It is a less formal place where players can post "I'd love to play in a Fill-in-the-System game! Is anyone else interested?" Usually there will be interest, and if you are lucky, a GM will come in and decide to run that game for you.

You may need to be patient until a game you really want to play in pops up. But don't be afraid to get involved in other places on the site. Talk about things you know about. Ask about things you have never heard of. Check out our Discord server.

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