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Looking for Players

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Looking for Players

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Looking for players willing and able to make at least one move a day.
Game is in the introduction stage and new players to play by post have lost interest in playing.
Also new to DMing play by post, so there may be some rough edges.

Game Description:

The world is quite the same as it use to be, but you have been wronged. Though, you can't quite remember what you've forgotten; that being, parts of your past are blank.
You and others of a wide assortment of races have been imprisoned. You are now on a journey of closure and/or some type normalcy.

ExpectationsPlayers will be expected to make a post once a day. Players who fail to post may have turns skipped for story progression. Unless stated otherwise to allow another player act on their behalf, PC's will pick up playing where they left off (if that's 3 game days later in the middle of a forest or sleeping soundly at the inn) and may result in playing solo missions to catch up to other players. Players may "split the party" and wander off on their own adventures, however to maintain a realistic timeline this may cause them to be inactive for a period of time... you can't realistically go off and kill the entire Orc tribe 10 miles away, and be back at the prancing pony all within the hour before everyone wakes up. Please build character in the "Sheets" tab and attach it to the game "Framed". Start at level 1, 5e, and roll a d100 for your trinket.
Please, please be as specific with actions you wish to take. Think 6 moves ahead, and tell me in full detail how you wish to achieve each action (to include proper dice rolls). This should allow for a faster story progression.
LevelingPlayers will level as one by achievement not experience. XP/GP/FP will still be earned and exchangeable for re-rolls, favorable treasures, etc.

Originally Posted by Domyr View Post
Where does one apply, character creation rules and similar information?
I'm still learning the mechanics of the site, so for applying I will send the invite to the first handful of replies I receive. Character creation are rolled stats, where Str+Dex+Wis+Chr+Int+Con>=0. Starting at level 1. Preferably races/classes from the Player Handbook. Start with starting and background equipment.
As for alignments, I am flexible on terms of "evil" and "good" however if playing "lawful" put the governing ethos of PC in their bio. I may ask for reasoning on actions, not to hold them to their alignment, but to understand their morality.

If interested, a simple "Interested" reply here and I will send invite.

Interested. Have played in MW before but a while ago. I have a character that I built that is 99% PHB. Only a cantrip from Xanthars Guide is not from PHB.

Going to send invites to those who first replied, and for now no longer looking for other players. Any others after this comment wishing to be considered in the future if circumstance arises.

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