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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Requesting the addition the addition of Twilight: 2000 and the sub-game/expansion Merc: 2000 to the games/system list for posting a new game?

Font on character sheets seems to have suddenly changed without any explanation. I updated my (video) drivers and installed Helvetica a few days back though I have no actual reason to believe they've influenced why the font on the sheets has changed. Everything in elements is fine and it appears to be just me.

Any help? It's pretty horrible looking and painful to the eyes.

@MGZoltan, please make a new thread for the issue in Site Discussion and give the browser and version so we can look into the problem desper.

Requesting the addition of the Twilight 2000 character sheet. The best, complete reference I can find is linked HERE in this post. Specifically the one marked as a PDF copy of the advanced version. These are fan-made sheets that are honestly far more comprehensive and suitable to the game purposes than the stock 1.0 version that is so common on the internet, or the 2.2 stock version which is a touch barebones.

Pathfinde [Experimental] Skills

Request to make the skills on the Pathfinder Experimental sheet stop autofilling on sheet creation/cloning? A group I'm in is using Pathfinder as a base for a heavily homebrew campaign and we recently revamped the skills. I created a sheet with the altered skills to use as a template, but each time it's cloned, all the skills are reset to default.

Currently, I am looking for a shadowrun 5th edition sheet, hopefully. it shouldn't be too difficult to find...if anything. I could probably go poking about for one. if need be. I see shadowrun 3rd and 4th edition, but as it stands right now. there's no option to make a 5th edition sheet quite yet...


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