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Quick questions and answers

You cannot heal the ghostvision gloves' blindness, no.

If a magic item does not specify an action to activate it, it's a standard action.

D&D 3.X: Can you make attacks of opportunity if you're prone (like if you were just tripped)?

You can, but you take a -4 penalty to attack rolls for being prone.


Let's say you have a character multiclasses between two different classes that have a spellbook feature (say Magus and Wizard). Now in one book they scribe a spell that appears on both lists (probably at the same spell level), could they prepare the spell for either class freely?

My own case on this: A wizard can borrow Joe the Transmuter's book and prep from it with a spellcraft roll to "discipher" the writings, but in this case it's your own book so deciphering your own writing seems like it should auto succeed.

Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
Hello again. D&D 3.5 Question:

What's the 3 most important ability score attributes for a ranger?
For a Ranger? Well Dex will determine your to-hit for most of your weapons and since Rangers tend towards lighter armor you'll need it for AC as well. Wis determines a lot of your "core" skills like Spot and Survival and powers your spells, so a Wis of at least 14 is a good idea. As for the third there's not a lot else to say; high Con is always good, especially if you're going to use two weapons in melee. High Str lets you use composite bows to get some bonus damage. High Int gives you more skill points to play with. Cha is probably the least important stat to get high, since you don't do a lot of Cha based stuff, usually.

@Bartmanhomer. adding to what raveled said:

You can make a ranger pretty much based solely around any physical stat and/or wisdom. Want a 'roided up strength beast? Consider an Illumian with the two sigils that base your daily spells off Str (not the DCs however) and Brutal throw feat should you want to do some ranged attacks. Super agile dex monster? Weapon finesse is your friend and Illumian can base spells of that too. Heck even a super serene Wisdom ranger is possible with feats like Intuitive attack.


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