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Yeah, but sometimes over optimization can actually harm the game overall. Especially if you're overshadowing half the party (Which includes a MONK of all things) and making them wonder why they're even there. If you're going to make the argument "playing X over Y is just gimping yourself" then why not just suggest he should play Pun-Pun or some other theoretical optimization build?
This is perhaps too big of a discussion for Quick Q&A, but there's a balance to be struck. A character who can only heal is not only not very powerful, it's also potentially very boring. Even a Monk can be beaten into a such a shape that it might be weak, but it has options and only need enemies with lower numbers to fight, or whatever. A Healer will pretty much entirely be healing, regardless.

There is already a potential problem in this party in that you have a lower-optimisation-level Monk in with a higher-op Wizard. That's a recipe for trouble, unless the Wizard is a shrewd team player. Playing something more powerful and flexible like a Cleric lets you alter to fit the ultimate level of the party a bit. I'd focus on buffs for the Monk and the Ranger to help bring them up to par, whilst still being able to pack some Heals. I'd not do DMM: Persist because that's all about you, but possible DMM: Quicken since that's maybe less powerful but gives you a lot of flexibility (maybe even do something like Heirophant/Innate Spell + Quicken SLA on Heal so you can have a few swift Heals, but DMM: Quicken gives you that option anyway).

Another appropriate option I think would be Bard, or something Bard-like. Again, skill-monkey with some healing, but it's mainly about support. You have a couple of martials (Monk, Ranger) who probably need some help, so by buffing them (whether with Cleric buffs or bardic music or whatever) you help level out the party a little whilst still being able to contribute yourself with your wider range of abilities (skills, utility spells, etc).

I mean, DMM: Persist: Mass lesser vigor (or the upgrade) is a fan favourite in our group.

I've kind of settled on Cleric, mostly going to be about them buffs, yeah.

Well, that's true. There are also a few other all-party buffs you can Persist, like Holy Aura, Recitation and Righteous Wrath of the Faithful. Ultimately of course you should play what you think will be most fun, but that ought to play the the group's weaknesses as much as to its strengths.

3.5 D&D:

There's a Paladin sub level/AFC that swaps out Smite Evil for Inspire Courage, or an ability that works like it. I Think it was called Smite to Song. Does anyone know what book it was in?

From Smite to Song is a feat from Champions of Valor, pg 29. You can spend smite uses to mimic inspire courage as a bard of your paladin level. Also gives you Perform as a class skill.

There is also the Harmonious Knight ACF, which replaces Detect Evil with an ability similar to inspire courage, though it doesn't upgrade as you level.

The Harmonious Knight's Inspire is a bit eh since it's limited, though it's not clear that whether you can't boost it like real IC with things like a Badge of Valour, etc (in which case it'd still be OK at low levels). However the level does have Perform as a class skill which makes it easier to get the feat.

The nice thing about FStS being a feat rather than an ACF is that you still get Smite if you want it. Possibly this means e.g. a smiting weapon works better etc (I'd need to check the wording, but this potentially means you can buy a bunch of Smiting daggers and just use them for extra Inspire uses, then toss them and draw your real weapon). On the other hand, why smite when you can sing? Possibly also worth seeing whether you can take Artist or Extra Music if you want more uses, rather than Extra Smiting which only grants +2.

The same book also has Initiate of Milil which is probably mostly useless for a Paladin-based character (it mainly makes Pally levels stack for Bard songs) but does let you add Inspirational Boost to your Pally spell list.


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