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Lorrimor's will: "I sincerely apologize, my dear, but I had no choice: knowing full well that a proud vampire aristocrat like you would never accept to work alongside a mortal, I devised this summoning spell, which has now permanently bound you to my apprentice. As long as you both live (or unlive, in your case), you may never leave his side."

Matelda: "I can't believe the nerve of that man... Did he really orchestrate all this just to get me to accept a companion who is, like, 12 levels below me?"

Lorrimor's will: "Of course, I don't expect you to just accept a companion who is, like, 12 levels below... But on that regard, I have good news and bad news for you."

Matelda: "W-wait, my levels... WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO MY LEVELS?"

Lorrimor's will: "Yeah, that would be the bad news. But on the plus side, now your companion is your equal!"


And thus the adventure begins. Greetings fellow Weavers, and thanks for stopping by to check out my latest idea. I had joined this website to play Pathfinder, but a few months in I find myself being a DM in all my active games bar none: so yeah, this time around I would like to have some fun of my own, and to this end I am looking for a DM and for one companion, willing to dive with me into the fun of this idea I had.

The setting is the Carrion Crown AP: Professor Lorrimor has sensed that a great danger looms over the world and, realizing that his time to live was up, he left precise instructions for his apprentice to be the one to read his will. As the apprentice arrives to the mansion in Harrowstone, he finds a mysterious coffin in the living room: inside sleeps Matelda, a powerful vampire who was personally acquainted with the Professor. Lorrimor believed this two individuals were the only ones who had it what it takes to confront the looming danger, so he specifically engineered the situation so that the two would meet: the moment they open the will, a spell devised by Lorrimor himself triggers, which binds the two together and resets Matelda to level one, leaving her no other choice but to cooperate. From here, the two unlucky allies will embark on a tale of fourth wall breaking and snarking, of tsundere-ing and WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS, as they do their best to prevent a grim cult from resurrecting the greatest evil known to man. Think Carrion Crown meets Disgaea meets The Order of the Stick.

In my plan, I would play as Matelda: I have always wanted to play an actual vampire in Parhfinder, and I never got the chance, so I really really want to finally do it. To help compensate for the fact that the Vampire template is quite powerful, the idea is that I would be a single-class character built with 20 points buy, while the other player (Lorrimor's apprentice) would be a gestalt character built with 25 points buy.

It would be a rather light-hearted take on a classic like Carrion Crown: I prefer games that will make me laugh over ones that take themselves too seriously... But for this to work, I'll need a second player and a DM who both share such a mentality (and won't quit on me halfway through). Any volunteers?
With this post in the Game Planning section, I explained my idea for a game I had wanted to play in for a while, and it got a decent amount of attention if I do say so myself: soon, ArcaneDesperado was brought in as the second player, a DM picked us up, and a forum was started. The DM had promised us he wouldn't quit on us halfway through the game, and he kept his promise: he quit on us after literally one post.

So now myself and AD find ourselves extremely pumped to play the game, with characters 100% ready and concept for the story 100% set in stone, but with nobody to run this for us: please don't let us hanging! We are in the same situation of two thirsty travelers who, after seeing an oasis in the distance, realize it's just a mirage: somebody please come rescue us ;-;

"Shadows of New York City" is looking for a rescue, our 2nd rescue, unfortunately, as our most recent rescue-GM (a former player) disappeared a month ago.

Game In Short Summary: A 5th edition Prime Runner game in which a collection of characters are brought together with the goal of aiding the enterprising local Yakuza boss in pulling off what some might consider impossible. An assassination inside the most secure section of Staten Island prison. Fortunately for the characters the Yakuza doesn't want them to break into the Fortress-Prison, but unfortunately for them they do seem to have significant files on each character.

After negotiations in which the Yakuza offer additional incentives tailored to each character (based on the understanding the Yakuza have of each, correct or not), the job is agreed to. The mission, to pull an "Ocean's Eleven" style heist of the comm-codes and passcodes of the Doctor overseeing Staten Island's population without his notice. Doing so will allow the Yakuza to override the on-site mysterious medical-override implant system in place that 'protects' prisoners held in this most dangerous section.

After time spent investigating the available information the group has a plan. Observe and assess their target at an indoor golf-course. Infiltrate a high class massage parlor in which the target is visiting and insert a bug-tap into his commlink. Have the Yakuza trigger an attempted assassination in Staten Island Prison forcing the doctor to use his comm-codes, and in the same day infiltrate a gala fundraiser dinner the target will be attending, extract the bug-tap from his commlink, assess the information obtained and with any luck enjoy the rest of their evening before slipping into the night and collecting their payday.

Now if they can only accomplish all of that while sorting out their own personal issues with each other.

Characters in Summary: A rather down-to-earth collection of runners drawn from across New York City, save for one or two secret pariahs among them. A few have bitter history together (one a no-nonsense do-anything-to-win cyber-muscle vs a finesse-in-everything metahuman-rights some-lines-we-shouldn't-cross magician), a few carry oddly related dark secrets (An AI impersonating an elf who wants to live a femme-fatale life, a man who may be infected with CFD from Boston) and one who's just trying to sort out the maze of her corporate fashion-model past and life without others sticking their noses into it.

Our Plea: This game got off to a smashing start, with characters that meshed well and despite their differences, worked (mostly) well enough with one another. Intrigue is developing as the magician might be developing lustful or romantic feelings for the (unknown) AI character, the model fending off accusations from others she's not up to the task and more. And while we may have lost the CFD-suffering dwarf character since the beginning of November, we as a group still believe firmly in the possibilities of this game. We are looking for a GM willing to step into the role and move things forward with the mission at hand. Currently there doesn't appear to be anything besides the mission on-offer, other than the revelation that the Yakuza has been watching the characters.

Perhaps they continue working for them? Perhaps something else comes their way? Each character is fleshed out to large degrees with countless plot hooks and side-stories and ambitions for use among their varied backgrounds and personalities. We know this group can be fun and entertaining, as we frankly continued RPing for awhile even without GM oversight until we couldn't continue any more.

If you've ever wanted to get into GMing Shadowrun with a small cast (we're currently at 4 active characters with 1 inactive) that you know are already working like a team, consider our game. We would love to have you. Feel free to swing by the game's OOC thread and say hello, browse our many threads and check out the cast of characters. We hope to hear from you.

Hi, could I please be made head DM of A Dark Age, there has been no sign of the original DM The Lost Player since the 16/11 (16th of November) and everyone is happy to have me as head DM.


Thank you

Hey thread! A Star Wars Saga game that I was in got canned, just a few posts in after starting. The plot was, essentially, a group of elite Imperial pilots are left in the lurch after the destruction of the second Death Star at Endor, and the lot of them need to figure out what to do from there. I don't know what plans our original GM had in mind, but it's a pretty open-ended scenario for anyone interested in taking over.

The archived thread is here.

We've all developed our characters and custom equipment, and we all built links between our characters prior to the game proper starting. I'm not really sure if there's anything else that I should mention, but any interested parties can contact me or other party members!

Is there any interest in taking over a Pathfinder game set in Forgotten Realms? There are two players that have created complete characters with great backgrounds that can be used for future hooks/plots. They've been good in communicating and bouncing ideas off of one another as well. The game has been completely sandbox so any ideas can be thrown into the mix.

Unfortunately I've had a promotion at my job that has taken more of my time than I realized would happen, and I feel terrible leaving the game without a proper DM.

The game is here - A Story of Their Own

I have returned from hiatus and need to get my head position back on my Reign of Winter game. The other DM they turned the game over to has been MIA for over a month. Guess I am rescuing my own game. lol.

Game is here

Thanks in advance.


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