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Percentage of Christmas game death

Percentage of Christmas game death

Hi this thread is used to announce how many of the forum games you were a player/gm in (all websites total), died over Xmas for whatever reason.

Oh, and if you have a fix for that - what is it?

I shall start: 28,8%-42,9% (not sure yet)

0%. I think that one game I'm a part of might have died-- but if it did, that happend ~3 months ago, not necessarily related to the harder-hitting travel holidays (in the U.S.) of Thanksgiving, Crhistmas, and New Year's.

That number might even be negative. At least one game actually started over the holidays!

25-50% -- one game appears to have died, and the other, the ST's health broke down over the holidays and nobody's sure if they're coming back.

I'm new to myth-weavers but on another website I had two games falter and die over the holidays. I'm a stickler for organization and ease of access and mythweavers game system where you have your own forum almost is vastly superior to anything else out there, so here I am.

For me, between MW and another PbP site, it was 0% this year out of a total of eleven games. Not too shabby.

The one game I played in died. The ones I run are still moving along even if at a crawl

It's 0% here as well. Well, one Traveller game on CotI ended, but this was because the Referee considered this a logical moment to stop. He also wanted to run another on Unseen Servant, and invited us in.
If we add to this two games starting shortly before the holidays, I'm actually in the positive numbers, though most games I was plaing in slowed down or paused.

Originally Posted by SD Houston View Post
The one game I played in died. The ones I run are still moving along even if at a crawl
Umm... I'm wondering if you know something that I don't about our shared game...

As for the OP's question:

Over the years -lemme put my old man hat on- I've grown better at noticing the games that are being started because someone is on Summer or Winter break, or are games that are about to be filled with players that are bored because they are on Summer or Winter break. Sometimes it's not as obvious, but can be made rather obvious if you ask the right questions. Anyways, they don't all die as soon as school starts back up, but man the percentage is high!

The fix? The same thing for every game. Vet your potential GMs, vet your potential players. Which means that the new GMs and Players are at a disadvantage, but the ones willing to lean into the learning curve of PbP are easy enough to spot too. There's always a chance for someone to surprise me, and it always makes me happy when they do, so don't take this as a completely cynical look at things.


Originally Posted by Basil_Bottletop View Post
Umm... I'm wondering if you know something that I don't about our shared game...
Nope, that one's limping along lol

Hmmm... I'd say about a third to half of my games possibly. Admittedly most of the ones that died were on a different site or Discord based (which is doubly odd but eh).

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