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Lucy Heartfilia, Daughter of the Storm

Lucy Heartfilia, Daughter of the Storm

Disclaimer: I've never used Spheres of Power before so this seemed like a good way to get into it and learn. Similarly, I didn't know anything about Fairy Tale before starting to research for this game. So I'm likely to mess some stuff up

Name: Lucy Heartfilia
Class: Incanter

Sailors have a legend about a remote fishing village, so small that it doesn't even appear on most maps. They say centuries ago, during one of the worst storms ever seen, a man washed up on the shore near death. A young fisherwoman took him in, nursing him back to health. The two grew close as weeks passed, but eventually the day came that he had to return home. Before he left he blessed the woman who had saved him, and to this day her descendants can command the fury of the storm. But that's just an old legend, after all. Just another fairy tale...

Lucy Heartfilia's life has never been easy. Growing up the daughter of a steel magnate with ties to the growing railroad industry led to a cold and lonely childhood. Her one solace was time spent with her mother, learning to control the magic in her blood. In the wake of her mother's death her father became even more distant, and Lucy turned to books to try and fill the void. As she grew older she devoted more and more time to learning the family business, hoping to gain her father's approval. When even this failed to bridge the gap between them she resolved to forge her own path in the world.

Lucy's powers are strongly affected by her emotional state, and as such she has a strongly cultivated sense of poise and restraint. Combined with her intellect and general lack of social experience it gives her an air of aloofness. The truth is she wants to make friends...she just has no idea how.

Having spent most of her life sheltered away Lucy is endlessly curious about the world around her, although it takes the form of scientific fascination rather than an excited puppy. She is rarely seen without a notebook and pen, taking copious notes on everything she sees.

Short of stature and medium build, with jet black hair and eyes that fluctuate between deep ocean blue and stormcloud grey. Always impeccably dressed and groomed, she carries herself with noble bearing and grace. Her normal style of dress resembles business wear with a feminine flair, and she favors heels to boost her five feet of height. While she is pretty she rarely tries to emphasize or take advantage of it, preferring to deal with people on an intellectual level.

It's readily apparent when she begins to use her powers; her normally straight hair tangles and writhes in the wind as her eyes crackle with electricity.

If you drop str to 8 and cha to 12, you can make your int 18. It's your casting stat, so you really want to start with a +4 there.

Originally Posted by Catherine Cook View Post
If you drop str to 8 and cha to 12, you can make your int 18. It's your casting stat, so you really want to start with a +4 there.
Can do

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En taro Artanis!

(sorry I couldn't resist)
Yeah, it was a much more obscure reference before Legacy of the Void came out

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