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BackgroundTiberius J. Wainwright, a US Army Medic, wounded in the trenches of WWI. Injured beyond the capacity of modern medicine, he was approached in his hospital bed by a man claiming to be some kind of sorcerer who could call upon spirits to heal him. Desperate for an answer, he agreed.
While he was "under" ... the experience he describes is that his own spirit was drawn to a foreign world where he spent (subjectively) several hundred years learning and practicing medicine and surgery under the finest minds of an advanced (in a very retro-futurist sort of way) society.
Returning to his original body - now hale and healthy once again - was something of a shock to him, but he retains much of his knowledge and techniques, but no one else seems to understand the alien language he was taught in, so he can't share what he knows. He serves the DAI as a no-questions-asked medical officer, whose near-miraculous powers of treatment have even been claimed - perhaps apocryphally - to have been able to restore life to the dead.

(Inspired by the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Graham McNeill.)

Sage, if you wanted a younger looking pic for your character, I think
this looks a lot like the image formed by your description.

@Podonis -- Thanks for that. I kinda like him having a slightly older, more weathered look, though. Those kind of old-timey pulp-action-serial guys always had a little bit of John Wayne in 'em, y'know?

I completely understand. I've been looking for an archaeologist type pic somewhat like yours for my own character. I'm having a hell of a time finding anything good though.

I found some decent stuff searching Bing Images for 'gentleman adventurer character art.'

Those are pretty good! Thank you! And I apologize for kidnapping your character thread!

I don't mind a bit. Any input helps keep me sort of mentally awake nowadays.

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