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Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
dnd 5e

If you mage armor a monk their ac would become 13+dex instead of 10+dex+wisdom?
Im pretty sure 5e doesnt make it 13+dex+wisdom but im just making sure.

Effectively they get to choose the higher cause the spell speculates 'willing target'?
You get to have two AC calculations: Mage Armor and Unarmored Defense. You can choose which one to benefit from - usually the one with the higher AC, but hey, I don't judge. ^_^

Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
Also for multiclassing spellcasters, was the table updated for artificers? Or they just kind of poopoo'd upon like warlocks/pact magic?
Artificers seem to have the same progression as Paladins, so they should follow the same rules as a multiclassing Paladin (though they have the advantage of spellcasting from 1st level).


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