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Zebra Girl [A decent comic about a decent demon]

Zebra Girl [A decent comic about a decent demon]

I recently came across a web comic called Zebra Girl... Ok technically I came across it for the second time, but the first time I had barely read more then a few pages...

Anyways, its been going on for 10 years now and while it started kinda silly, its evolved into an absolutely fabulous web comic with well made characters (some in odd ways). Blending both silly and serious perfectly.

If you got a few hours to kill, I would highly recommend you give it a try.

I'm currently at July 2007 (post hell bubble hullabaloo) and DAMN if it hasnt become my favorite web comic to date.

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Actually, this baby *is* quite good. You gotta get past the first 30 or so pages until it actually finds its "voice", so to speak. But when you do, it is one of the better reads I've seen lately.

Thank you for the great recommendation. My favorite part of watching artists work this long is seeing how their skills develop over years of drawing and writing the same character.

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