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Hello. Im new to play-by-post games. Looking for game.

Hello. Im new to play-by-post games. Looking for game.

So, hello, Myth Weavers. I want to have some change from normal gaming. I want to try some play-by post games. I have some experience in tabletop role-playing games - mostly DnD3,5 and d20 stuff. I hope i will not disappoint you in the forum form of the hobby. I don't have any preferences genre-wise, as I don't have experience anyway. And I pretty much up to take any role required for the game.

My time is GMT +3.

I will try to search games by myself, and I will eagerly join any game, which is going or will be.

I'm usually not part of the welcome wagon, but nobody else has swung by yet, so let's fix that.

Anyhow, welcome to Myth-Weavers, one of the bigger Play-by-Post forums out there. The character sheets we host helps that a lot. LOL

If you haven't already, take a look at our New to Play-by-Post page, followed by taking a look at the Game Ads section, where you'll find every campaign that's actively recruiting for players. While D&D 3.5 is kind on the down side lately (it still has plenty of fans, and the occasional game pops up still), I'd recommend looking into its successor, Pathfinder, which is one of the most popular systems here on the Weave, along with D&D 5e.

That said, don't be afraid to look into all the games. We're a lot more newbie-friendly than we may seem, and if you find a system that you're unfamiliar with, give a look over. You might find a new favorite system as a result.

Also, two more bits: 1) go explore the rest of the Weave, chat it up with the others and make friends. It's easier to get into games if people know who you are and that you presently exist. And 2) feel free to join our Official Myth-Weavers Discord server! Ya know, if that's your thing.

Anyways, welcome to the Weave!

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