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D&D 5e - Within the World of Shadow

Msged it over to you Best.

I'll be adding in a ton of stuff within the next day or so, including getting the character creation stuff in place. From there, I'll be starting up the game ad.

The hex part is pretty easy - I can add that if needed. Its basically just taking a transparent hex grid, making sure it adds together to equal the size of the layer and slapping it on top.

Something like: This works once you have the same scale/size of what you are looking for.

Okay phew, thought you wanted a whole hex-styled map which I have no experience with! Finding a proper sized hex grid is what's going to be annoying unless you play with vectors, though.

I sent you a PM with some extra questions about the map!

Character creation is up now! I'll be posting up the official Game Ad once we've worked out the last bit of the world map.

Very cool Scyclone, I always like to see dark fantasy elements in games.

And good to see you back around the forums!


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