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Rolling 0 to 99?

Rolling 0 to 99?

Some RPGs, such as Mothership, expect you to roll percentile as a range between 0 and 99 instead of 1 and 100. Is there a roll-tag modifier to do this, or is the only option to always remember to modify rolls by -1?

In Mothership's case the range is meaningful because doubles (11, 22, 33, etc) are considered criticals; 00 is always a critical success, while 99 is always a critical failure. Rolling 1-100 is not an option.

Why isn't rolling 1-100 and treating the 100 as a 0 an option? The doubles don't matter - you still get the same probability distribution. Don't think of it as subtracting one, literally think of it as crossing out the 100 on your 100-sided die and writing a zero instead.

If you're not satisfied by that (which you should be, since mathematics ), you can include the -1 in the roll code (
Dice Roll: 1d100-1z
d100 Results: 11 (Total = 10)
example (10) works), though it's still an annoyance.

Treating 100 as 00 isn't a bad idea, but if there's an option to do it cleanly I'd of course prefer that.

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