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Game Master and managment problems.

Game Master and managment problems.


I don't know where else to write this, so I'm posting it in general.

Recently, there's been a change in our game. Despite what the GM list screen tells you, we don't have a GM.

However, admin and GM rights are still attached to the old GM (profholymoly), even through they don't play or post, and have left some time ago.

We asked one of the old GM's (all the previous ones left) to add us as sub DM's because we were supposed to play and GM in turns.

I'm here on behalf of the players to ask that the main GM admin rights be transfered to one of the players.

Here is a link to the game:

EDIT: The reason for this request, besides general utility, is due to the fact that some parts of the game (such as the name) need to be changed.

There is actually a thread dedicated to this sort of thing! Go into the following thread and someone should be with you shortly!

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